Moons: 7
Star System:
Spaceport City: none


Japanese surveyors named this cool blue gas giant Rin, meaning “cold, dignified, severe”. That is certainly the impression that most people get upon seeing this deep blue world of noxious fog and thick chemical clouds. Rin does have a solid core, made up of frozen methane, nitrogen, and other chemicals. Settlement on the world is impossible, though there are several floating habitats in the high atmosphere, mostly for tourists who will pay to watch the mesmerizing patterns of light, ice crystals, and electrical discharges in the high atmosphere. However, Rin’s primary industry is gas mining. The gas is extracted using skimmer ships or mining platforms in orbit, then refined on one of Rin’s moons and packaged for distribution. There is always a steady stream of space traffic coming and going, so the Enforcers have a sizeable presence here to deter theft and sabotage.