Model: HD2800-5
Manufacturer: Universal Starworks
Class: Heavy Towing / Deep Space Recovery Vehicle
Registered Name: Perdition
Flag: Azure
Registered Owner: Darion Harken Quinn
charge – loan – GFY HOLDINGS LTD.
Salvage Permit on file


Universal Starworks’s 2000-series DSRVs were designed for two distinct but related markets – heavy towing and heavy rescue. In use as both tugs and salvage craft, the 2000 was a reliable workhorse for decades and is still in use in some remote Border Ring spaceports and some of the less affluent salvage companies. Though rugged and capable, those who can afford to replace their 2000s will usually do so, given the repair headaches and hardware compatibility issues that have plagued these ships since they were first introduced.

The 2800 models were designed to strike a balance between towing power and mission flexibility. Their engines are smaller than other models in order to free up hull space for larger cargo holds, internal workshops, expanded crew quarters, and a full infirmary for treating deep-space casualties. The fifth generation 2800s, although renowned for their ruggedness and ease of flying, were particularly prone to propulsion and electrical problems – captains jokingly called them “Stroke Fives”, since they had a reputation for getting the job done and bringing the crew home safely while giving their captains five strokes in the process. The HD (heavy duty) trim package comes with extra structural reinforcement as well as powerful lift cranes, additional spotlights, and precision-tuned manoeuvring thrusters for navigating in tight spaces. Options include a towing package, complete with FTL harness and dedicated energy shunts in order to tow vessels much larger than the 2800 through FTL, as well as docking ports for up to three shuttles.

Game statistics:

Body: d8
Speed: 2d4
Mind: d4
Will: none

Extra Hit Point (structural damage)