Moons: none
Star System: 1 sun, 6 planets
Spaceport City: none


If the anecdotes are to be believed, the first word that an OEC captain spoke after laying eyes on this planet for the first time was “Never”. The name stuck. Contrary to this captain’s alleged proclamation, Never was settled, albeit sparsely and reluctantly. Never is very, very close to its system’s sun. Its light side is baked so hot that its crust is near molten. Only its dark side is habitable, but eventually Never’s sun rises and melts everything to puddles of goo. There are no permanent settlements on Never – the miners live in a space habitat that is kept in constant station above Never’s night side, with the planet itself shielding the station from the sun’s destructive heat. The miners target valuable deposits just after the sun sets, when the rock is still soft and easily drilled through. They mine a deposit until the frigid night freezes the rock, then pack up and fly back to the station before the sun rises again. It is a very deadly game of cat and mouse that has claimed the lives of many work crews. Once Never’s stock of valuable minerals has been exhausted, it will likely be abandoned for good.