The disgruntled spacers who are forced to visit this planet call it “The Fat Bitch” or “Wheezer”, and make up excuses to spend as little time there as possible. Mizuki is a large planet, with about 2.2x the gravity of Earth, meaning that most visitors cannot move around the surface easily without assistance, and even then it is a very uncomfortable experience. Another necessary consequence of Mizuki’s size is a very heavy, dense atmosphere, rich in carbon dioxide. Newcomers must wear breathing masks as attempting to inhale the soupy air will result in unconsciousness within five minutes. Mizuki’s surface is scoured with deep valleys and eroded peaks caused by heavy winds and violent storms, resulting from the Mizuki atmosphere’s frequent tantrums. It would be suicidal to attempt to land a ship on-planet, so the Mizuki spaceports are located in orbit, linked to the surface by a network of space elevators that ferry cargo and people between the surface and the orbital stations. Local plant life is primarily fungal, with the few more evolved plants almost exclusively carnivorous – some large enough to prey on humans. The Mizuki locals are a hardy bunch, adapted to high gravity and thick, oxygen-poor atmosphere, though even they make use of breather masks and powered exoskeletons when performing physical labour outdoors. Mineral extraction is a common industry on Mizuki, and some of the local fungi are harvested for pharmaceuticals or household chemicals.