Human colonists named this world after the German river-spirit who lured fishermen to their deaths, and ever since humans settled on this world it has been doing exactly that. By all accounts, Loreley is a horrible place to live – it is so cold that rivers of nitrogen flow through glaciers of frozen methane. However, Loreley is rich in valuable minerals, and it is easy to harvest elements from its surface as liquids or solids when they would otherwise be in gaseous form on more habitable worlds. A mixed human and Ghost Children population works the mines under the great ice sheets, living in pressurized habitats carved out of the ice and rock, some extending many kilometres below the surface. During the day, the sun’s heat is enough to crack the ice, opening great rents in the glaciers which then freeze overnight, allowing miners to exploit the newly uncovered faces. The casualty rate among the miners is very high, especially for the indentured Ghost Children, who are given the most dangerous work.