The Turkish miners who settled Koray named the planetoid “ember moon” in their language, because the dark orange streaks through its almost black surface made it look like a glowing ember. One of the largest asteroids in the Belakane field, Koray was also one of the most heavily mined, being relatively stable, close to Belakane, and large enough for its gravity to retain a thin atmosphere. Now many years later, Koray has been completely mined out, but the town that the miners built out of it still remains. As the Belakane field mining operation expands further and further from Belakane itself, Koray has found a niche as an independent trading post, mostly serving miners and independent starship outfits with a welcome alternative to the Belakane company store. It is also one of the few sites within the entire star system where one can find non-indentured Ghost Children – they are the descendants of those lucky enough to be mining the Koray when their Turkish bosses struck it rich, and in an (allegedly drunken) outpouring of goodwill, bought out all of their contracts. Many of these Ghost Children stayed on as free employees, and several even rose high enough to own a portion of the Koray outfit for themselves.