Good Hope

The optimistically named Good Hope is either a stunning example of positive thinking or else a bitingly cynical joke. The planet is tidally locked – one hemisphere always faces its sun, and therefore it has no day/night cycle. Good Hope is just a little too close to its sun to support life on its day side – there is nothing there but scorched desert, and hardly any life above the cellular level. Its night side is similarly harsh, only freezing cold instead of boiling hot, and the constant darkness means that photosynthetic plant life cannot grow there. These vast temperature differences cause equally vast differences in air pressure, which create planet-wide hurricanes that tear across Good Hope’s surface almost constantly. However, there is a narrow twilight belt where the hot and cold regions meet that is capable of supporting life. Since human contact, the day and night side regions have been opened up to scientific study and resource extraction, mostly utilizing the native Ghost Children as (reluctant) expendable labour. Recently the Merchants Guild has set up solar collector farms on the day side, gathering power for export. These solar farms are automated, but occasionally need maintenance or repairs to be performed by work crews – it goes without saying that this is a high hazard job, one often given to indentured anthromals.