Evan is a very young planet that is just emerging from a period of high volcanic activity, which effectively killed off all life on the surface of its landmasses. Only sea life survived, of which Evan has great variety. A few primitive land-based plants, such as mosses, lichen, and ferns, have emerged on dry ground, and several species of proto-amphibious fish can survive for a short time on land, but life has not yet returned there on a large scale. Evan has not finished growing yet, and is still heavily volcanic, and the atmosphere retains high levels of CO2.
Evan has no indigenous peoples, and has not been extensively settled. Still, the planet is ripe for the taking. It would serve fantastically well for growing crops, with its nutrient-rich volcanic soil and CO2 laden atmosphere, and a number of settlements have sprung up to take advantage of this. There are also several research stations that were set up to study the phenomenally strange and diverse environment that exists in Evan’s seas.