(from the Russian word for “east” and “sunrise”)

Star System:
Spaceport City:


The Ghost Children abandoned Anatolii almost a century before contact, when the planet’s erratic orbit trapped it within three intersecting gravity wells – a star, a massive gas giant, and an incredibly dense planetoid – that began to gradually tear it apart. The planet was then settled by Russians. The Russian colonists took advantage of the tectonic upheaval to mine the valuable minerals that were being pulled up to the surface, and Anatolii became the first profitable mining enterprise in the Border Ring. Soon enough, indentured Ghost Children were brought in to help the mining effort; the Russians however did not treat them as slaves but rather as comrades. As a consequence, Ghost Children on Anatolii have dangerous lives, but live less oppressive lifestyles than those on nearby worlds.

The fluctuations in Anatolii’s magnetic fields caused by the intersection of the gravity wells that are tearing the planet apart cause strange light distortions that can make the surface landscape look like a funhouse mirror. This makes working with heavy machinery very dangerous, since it can be hard to tell where things are in proximity to each other. This phenomenon does draw some extreme tourists to Anatolii, and some enterprising former miners now make their living as tour guides for these rich thrill seekers.