Moons: 3 (Lorne, Savarnd, Jun)
Star System: Accalia (1 sun, 7 planets)
Spaceport City: Tek Ayr


Alupitia is a pleasant Earth-like planet, with wide blue oceans and diverse continental landmasses. Its gravity is stronger than Earth’s, at 1.4 Gs, and the temperature is 10 degrees colder on average when compared to a similar latitude on Earth, and its landmasses more mountainous, but the similarities are enough to make any traveller from Earth feel welcome. Alupitia was formerly home to the most advanced pre-Contact civilization in the Border Ring – largely canine-type anthomals, these “Accalians” were well known for space exploration, and were the most sophisticated manufacturers of spacecraft and satellites. Before humans came, Accalians had established colonies on all three of their planet’s moons, as well as on their nearest planetary neighbour, an iron-rich world that they named “Red Haven”.

When humans came, the Accalians offered the strongest political resistance. They had a sophisticated government and even some armed starships. For a time, they coexisted as equals alongside the humans, who busied themselves with easier targets that they could assimilate with little resistance. Eventually, though, the humans circled back to Accalia – they brought in the gunships, and handed the Accalians an ultimatum. So rather than face destruction and slavery, the Accalians signed a treaty with the humans, subsuming control of their world to the United Worlds government back on Earth. The Merchants Guild followed immediately, and expropriated most of the infrastructure on Alupitia to use as a manufacturing hub. Most smaller Merchants Guild ships are now manufactured on Alupitia. Furthermore, Alupitia now serves as a gathering place for the Merchants Guild Council – a body made up of representatives from the six largest corporations who effectively control the Merchants Guild cartel. The Council meets regularly to fix prices and tariffs, and determine new avenues of resource exploitation without interference from the “small fry” who make up the rest of the Merchants Guild.

The Alupitian planetary government retains some local autonomy, though always subject to OEC oversight. There is also a large organized resistance based on Alupitia that targets Merchants Guild freighters in an attempt to make their enterprises unprofitable, which is the only way to make them withdraw. There are rumours of secret Alupitian shipyards that manufacture the small, fast gunships that these privateers fly – though these are often dismissed as pure speculation.