from the Arabic name meaning “a spring in paradise”

Star System:
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Thousands of years ago, Tasnim was in the midst of a great ice age. Then a new bout of volcanic activity caused extreme global warming – the ice melted, and submerged 95% of Tasnim’s landmass under a giant ocean. Only the tips of the tallest mountain ranges remained above the surface as scattered archipelagos. The indigenous Ghost Children who inhabited these islands became one of the most technologically advanced civilizations in the Border Ring – they learned how to make the most of scarce resources and designed very efficient technologies. They were the first Ghost Children to develop spaceflight, and colonized several nearby worlds. When humans came, these Ghost Children were among the groups able to negotiate treaties with them – of course, these treaties were based on human conceptions of social and economic systems and property ownership, so it was not long before their worlds were fully subordinate to human interests. They still retain some little local autonomy, but always under the auspices of the OEC and the Merchants Guild.

This planet, now called Tasnim, is a major food producer – the many edible species that fill its oceans provide the majority of the foodstuffs for Border Ring planets unable to grow their own food. Many an asteroid miner or factory worker has subsisted on a diet composed mainly of canned or dried fish and seaweed. There is also a significant oil industry that primarily uses floating drilling rigs. Tasnim also has a significant tourism industry, mainly on its tropical islands. The old Ghost Child tech factories and labs are now under Merchants Guild control, so the planet’s isolated islands remain high-security research and production facilities for advanced technology.