A political movement that arose shortly after the Border Ring colonization, humanism stands for human rights, liberties, and freedoms above all others. Its adherents come from all backgrounds and all social classes, united by their suspicion or outright hatred of anthromals. Moderate humanists believe that human interests should come first, particularly in the Core Worlds, while extreme humanists advocate segregation, slavery, or even extermination.

There are several humanist political parties in the United Worlds, the most sophisticated of which have huge support bases and receive massive donations, virtually guaranteeing they will have significant sway in the General Assembly. As a result, UW politics have tended towards the conservative, their policies forced to appease the humanist bloc even when they are not outright discriminatory towards anthromals.

Humanists have diverse beliefs, but most share a fear that anthromals will compete with humans for jobs, services, money, land, and so on, and that their alien customs and beliefs will corrupt humanity’s. The religiously motivated among them believe that anthromals do not have souls, that they are closer to animals than people, and that to have any intimate involvement with them is sinful.

Though most humanists will deny it, it is an open secret that the same money that funds humanist politics also funds radical militias, which are responsible for anthromal lynchings, rapes, beatings, robberies, vandalism, and other hate crimes. Humanist lawyers and judges and right-wing media, combined with the political and social clout of sympathetic wealthy families and corporations, mean that the perpetrators are not often punished, and when they are, it comes at a huge political cost.

Though humanism is more prevalent in the Core Worlds, where anthromals are largely reviled as alien intruders or mocked as freaks, its effects are more clearly felt in the Border Ring. Humanist corporate policies lead to millions of anthromal deaths due to unsafe working conditions or harsh ‘discipline’, and the Merchants Guild security forces turn a blind eye to violence against anthromals. However, when anthromals defend themselves or strike back at their aggressors, they are likely to be killed themselves. Indentured anthromals have it even worse, since they are considered property and have no rights, and can therefore be treated any way their corporate owners see fit – if someone were to abuse or kill them, then the most action the Merchants Guild would likely take would be to send the offender a bill for the value of their “property”.