“Welcome to the Border Ring, tenderpad.”

The Border Ring Worlds, those planets surrounding humanity’s eminent domain in the Core, are fraught with danger and adventure, profit and peril. The Merchants Guild, a cartel of resource companies who strip planets of all valued commodities and ship them back home to Earth – they make the rules. They are the government, the law, and the largest employer. Everywhere, humans rub shoulders with the indigenous Ghost Children, whose worlds the humans colonized over a hundred years ago. Many live in indentured servitude, little better than slaves with no real hope of paying off their exorbitant debts. Thousands of ships ply the space lanes, from gargantuan cargo freighters and tankers to sleek luxurious yachts, flying through fourth-dimensional space to or from some hell or paradise.

This is the story of the DSRV Perdition and her crew. All fly with different purposes – some run from their past or from their future, others seek wisdom or liberation, while a few simply want to make a living in the cold and uncaring blackness of space. They have chosen Perdition, a deep space recovery vehicle, in order to take on the heavy rescue and salvage business. It is perilous work; however, the greatest dangers to this crew may lie within themselves…

Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

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