Core Worlds

The human homeworld Earth and its original colonies make up the Core Worlds. These were the first planets that humans settled, and they are the closest habitable worlds in proximity to Earth. None had any intelligent indigenous life forms before human contact. Some of these planets are as developed as Earth is, with modern cities and infrastructure, while others remain backwater outposts or resource extraction stations.

Each Core World has its own world government, and some worlds such as Earth also have smaller regional states that maintain their own governments. Interplanetary matters fall under the jurisdiction of the United Worlds General Assembly, to which each Core World elects at least one representative.

Humans are the dominant species on all of the Core Worlds. It is an oppressive environment for anthromals, even on the few Core Worlds that do not have a dominant humanist ideology. A few anthromals have made their way there, usually brought by humans as indentured servants or cheap labour. A few free anthromals have attained some wealth and status in the Core Worlds, but most humans see them as humorous curiosities.

In order of colonization, the Core Worlds are: Earth, Mars, New Planet, Sterling, Eden, Amariah, Jinan, Sara, and Soledad.