Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

Part 3/3
After getting off Velaska to, oh, now

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Notes: Line breaks indicate approximately where sessions ended, and I’ve annotated some things with asterisks, those have little mostly out of character notes for reference at the end of that session. Unfortunately, my notes are lacking in some places and I’ve lost others, so this doesn’t have everything, and I encourage people to fill in blanks and anything I’ve missed. I’ve also done a lot of skimming to facilitate a general overview, so there’s not that many amusing anecdotes since trying to cover too much space. Except where I forgot, or they were the only notes I had.

Once out in space and on the way to Melusine, Lukas gets a letter, expressing that he’s done well (besides needing to be more concrete) and he’s now much much richer than Darion. Lukas then arranges to actually pay instead of deckhand, but he sees no reason not to do work for, he just doesn’t want to clean anymore. Monawashetei is also very attached to Artesielcia, and asks if she can stay on the ship. Darion promises to ask for her, and pisses off Sakidanaraya a tad. In a “oh my god really” way.

On Melusine, most of the crew is introduced to the lovely way everyone lives on Melusine ie in a city flooded with breathable liquid. Many of them are uncomfortable. The salvage crew goes to pick up equipment for the job we’re going to do, and the rest go to a bar so Darion can meet with Sakidanaraya’s contact. He and Daphne chat with Skip while the rest of the crew go to the bar to have a drink, which Lukas is buying. Also, the news comes on and Lukas discovers the mine plan was successful, resulting in him tossing his drink in celebration, and cleaning it up.

Skip agrees to bring his crew by to meet Monawashetei to make her more comfortable, then he and Darion discuss customs, since Skip has been with his mate for four years and has the rings to prove it.

*This doesn’t have a precursor, but. Date stuff: as of this day, it was December 9th, which means the Halifax incident was on the 12th of December, Darion’s birthday is in early January and he’ll be turning 27, and he bought the ship Oct. 15th

Not much happens before party time arrives. Skip shows up with his mate, Rheliandryn, as well as his two temporary crew members, Jamie (who is pretty standoffish, and also one of Sakidanaraya’s full-time workers), and Sawamurrecca Firesteel, a community leader from Xiao-Xing. She and Lukas discuss the different versions of cousins, then she gets distracted by Monawashetei, then kidnaps her to go talk privately.

We discuss everyone’s jobs: Rheliandryn is an artist, Skip is an astronomer, and Jamie is bodyguarding, and also doesn’t want to talk to Lukas. Then Monawashetei returns and we give her her rings. Lavender and Daphne have to leave, and Fennel goes with. Darion then tries to show Rheliandryn his art and prompts a fullblown meltdown. Artesielcia has to send Lukas to drag Darion to hide.

After the party, we prepare for our salvage more and Lukas plans a paper chain class to decorate the christmas jade plant.

We set off to find the Evgeniya Grusha, and Portia finds a loophole to excuse our salvaging through the power of slipping through legalities. We then get a call from the former first officer, who wants us to retrieve personal effects and the remains of his crew members, and in return informs us that they’re pretty sure they were shot down. Darion’s research shows there’s no known people or things around that it could’ve been.

We land and the salvagers set off, only to get halted by a shadow in the water. It turns out to be a ship made by a defunct company that was best known for being both amphibious and spaceworthy, although not very good at either. There aren’t any known ones flying, so this is probably a pirate; which matches another crime recently on Tasnin. Artesielcia manages to get close enough to confirm that yes they’re salvaging the Grusha, and the Grusha was definitely shot down even thought the authorities are trying to sweep under the table. Lukas tries to phone them and basically gets ignored.

In the end, we decide to disable the ship through jostling, build a basic torpedo, and take off to enact our plan.

Part 2/3
Velaska shenanigans

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Notes: Line breaks indicate approximately where sessions ended, and I’ve annotated some things with asterisks, those have little mostly out of character notes for reference at the end of that session. Unfortunately, my notes are lacking in some places and I’ve lost others, so this doesn’t have everything, and I encourage people to fill in blanks and anything I’ve missed. I’ve also done a lot of skimming to facilitate a general overview, so there’s not that many amusing anecdotes since trying to cover too much space. Except where I forgot, or they were the only notes I had.

Lukas receives an email, containing a receipt for on planet docking privileges, which means we finally land. After one last crew meeting, the crew splits up: Lukas, Lavender and Zelysithea are headed to his company’s assignment of dealing with an almost strike, while Darion, Daphne, Artesielcia and Arakawanne are off to meet Delindsie.

At Delindsie’s, the group meets Orrin Grace, who is generally antagonistic, until Delindsie shows up to chat. He’s looking to buy about a third of the parts that we describe, and has an idea of who to sell the rest to.

Lukas, meanwhile, shows up at an office tower, meets the local director, and has the problem described to him, before he gets led to an armored car and introduced to his bodyguard squad: Kigure, Myrtle, and Puck. They move off, and Lukas’ introduction to the slums is a molotov cocktail that glances off harmlessly. He manages to dissuade running the kid over by pointing out they’d have to pay for them, rather than his gut instinct of horrified face forever at the concept. They stop at a rundown shack and Lukas heads in for his first negotiation.

Elsewhere, Delindise wants to come see the ship and the parts tomorrow, and suggests we should sell the other parts through him. Darion’s okay with this idea, and they finish up at the shop, then go to meet Artesielcia’s friends, who have brought along a rickshaw to ferry everyone to an underground party.

Back at Lukas, he discovers the worker in question is tripping balls. Lukas’ only real option is to steal his crack pipe, leave a very stern note, and live with the worker being flagged for a doctor’s inspection.

The rickshaw crew have a significant amount of shenanigans that the present note taker apparently lost the notes for. Oops.

Lukas moves onto the next shack, and discovers the only one home is a small child, whose mother appears to have just died, probably of sepsis. Lukas then rushes around madly trying to find someone to care for this child before he’s dragged off, and barely manages to find an old blind woman who appreciates his concern. He then rushes onto the next house, where a sizeable group of workers is congregating. He still stupidly goes to talk to them, and surprisingly, they allow him in, although with a fair amount of mockery. He asks for their concerns, listens, and weighs what he knows of history due to his unique research experience, and offers to do what he can to help with those problems. They’re slightly surprised, and agree to come to work that day. He also learns a few names.

At the illegal underground rave, more shenanigans occur that my notes are woefully inadequate in reporting. Someone thinks Darion is their contact, and tries to pass him a package, he declines because he knows he’s not the right person and is worried about misleading it, although he does think it has to do with Sakidanaraya. Then he and Daphne make it to the dance floor and really tear it up right before Artesielcia, who has gone upstairs, spies a raid about to pounce.

Back at Lukas, they make one last stop. Lukas, Lavender, Zelysithea, and an anthromal from the previous house, Brodetesksall, all approach, as before, but this time when Lavender knocks, the door explodes. She gets a bit bloody, but Zelysithea and Brodetesksall seem okay. Everyone retreats to the truck as the unknown assailant starts shooting, where the bodyguard squad is suiting up, and someone gives Lukas a riot shield. Lukas promptly nearly drops it like three times*. After finally juggling the shield into the right place, he shields Lavender as she drags Kigure to safety. Then Myrtle heads to confront the shooter, but Lukas chickens out. Lavender manages to rally Lukas, so he valiantly dives in again, just in time to find Myrtle injured. Whoops. Unfortunately, that makes him the next target, and he actually gets wounded before Lavender manages to down the assailant. Lukas grabs several guns and helps Lavender carry Myrtle out. Kigure woke up while they were in there, and when he asks what happened in there, Lukas manages to say “I found some guns,” and then faints. Good job Lukas.

Back at the rave, everyone does their best to escape. Darion and most of the other crew who decided to attend along with two of Artiesielcia’s friends manage to get out through a manhole, while Artesielcia rescues her friend and four others via a roof escape, straight into the slums, where she ends up spending the night. Artesielcia’s friends split off, and the remaining four crew head to Denny’s.

*not that anyone cares, but I recorded it as rolling six 2s, two 1s, and using three lucks and my personality not to drop the stupid thing. That’s almost a miracle in how much the game didn’t want him in this fight.

Darion buys Tom and Portia some wine then goes to er “dance” with Daphne.

Artesielcia makes her way home, after hearing a tip about a job on Melusine about a crashed transport ship that the salvaging company is trying to weasel more pay for recovering.

Technically the previous day, Lukas wakes up in a hospital before being released into Lavender’s care. The director stops by to be impressed at Lukas’ performance, minus the didn’t-recruit-that-many-workers part, and Lukas texts Darion, but got no response due to being on his way to an illegal underground rave. Mm diverging timelines. He also arranges a pilot project for the anthromals based on his promises to the minor rebellion in the slums, then gets driven home by Puck, who is the only one of his squad not in the hospital. Turns out he’s made some friends, and acquired his very own riot shield.

Delindsie shows up and buys part of the salvage, Lukas does paperwork, and then everyone heads off into the slums to go to dinner at Artesielcia’s house. We rent a van that Lukas ends up driving, and once there, Darion manages to impress Artesielcia’s mom through semi-properly greeting her, the two humans manage to choke down raw bird innards and react strangely to a mildly toxic and/or tipsifying fruit, there’s some cultural exchange, and Lukas embarrasses himself for the first time in a while.

The next morning, Darion gets an emergency phone call from Sakidanaraya to save an indentured girl that was partially through a rescue plan before it was compromised. She’s being shipped to prison oh… today. Everyone goes into overdrive.

The new plan involves popping the tires of the transport vehicle with an IED from Artesielcia’s contact Singe, so it’ll stop at a rest stop where she and Lavender will “work” for the day, getaway will be provided by Lukas and his company by him swinging a lift to go see a “model” mine. Darion goes with Lukas and sets off the IED at the perfect time.

On Artesielcia’s side of things, she manages to bluff her way into the work, which apparently lost the supervisor 100g in a bet, then befriends the other anthromal mechanics, then promises to free them to. Two identical vehicles then arrive with similar bomb damage. Artesielcia manages to bluff more to get at the first aid kit, in order to remove tracker chips.

Over at the mine Lukas and Darion are touring, the mine supervisor has a Problem but still gives Lukas the tour, it was originally underground but is now a pit mine because they get more output that way so anthromal safety is more convenience than a goal. Also, there was a mine collapse trapping some workers. Whoops.

Artesielcia manages to cut her way into the correct vehicle and finds an utterly terrified Monawashetei, who needs a lot of coaxing to run away. Artesielcia manages eventually, then smuggles her to hide in the garbage. She also creates an incendiary bomb for the other workers.

Lukas gives a speech and then convinces the mine supervisor to let the anthromals go save their friends, then they head out to go get the rest of the crew. Everyone gets retrieved, with Lukas presenting a forged requisition form for Artiesielcia and Lavender, which the supervisor can’t check since his server is suddenly churning its way through about three thousand updates. As we drive off, Darion* arranges a power surge which probably offlines the serve permanently, and we take off.

*or it’s possible the other anthromal workers do it, I don’t have notes on whose fault it actually is but it definitely happened so whatever, it’s Darion’s fault now

Part 1/3
Hiding in space to Velaska

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Notes: Line breaks indicate approximately where sessions ended, and I’ve annotated some things with asterisks, those have little mostly out of character notes for reference at the end of that session. Unfortunately, my notes are lacking in some places and I’ve lost others, so this doesn’t have everything, and I encourage people to fill in blanks and anything I’ve missed. I’ve also done a lot of skimming to facilitate a general overview, so there’s not that many amusing anecdotes since trying to cover too much space. Except where I forgot, or they were the only notes I had. Also also: I thought I had everyone’s names spelled right and then found out I had Artesielcia spelled wrong every time so if you see something wrong please tell me and I’ll fix in notes and here

After testing the pen and briefcase for fingerprints and DNA, Darion calls an executive meeting for the high ranked crew minus Rex to inform them about the Justicars being the missiles-firer, and their object: Tom and Portia. Of course, they also dislike Darion anyway so they were perfectly happy to take it out on them, which is why they’re currently hiding here in the middle of nowhere. Artesielcia points out the problems with travelling to Velaska, and plans are made to make it appear the fugitives are off the ship but keep them on, which is still easiest at Velaska. Darion eventually discovers that the Navy has the real jurisdiction over the spaceport, but the Justicars are contractors under them.

A second meeting is called, this time with Tom and Portia in attendance. They are informed of the plan and Darion requests a copy of their wanted poster. Unfortunately they’ve never had it: Lukas does. Tom gives the first iteration of the “dye an anthromal’s fur a different colour, those stupid humans will never know the difference” plan. Also plans are made for a girl anthromal party to see Singe, when we get to it.

On the salvaging front, a tunnel now connects the two ships, nearly everything portable has been moved to the cargo hold, and a library has been begun in a spare room*. The salvagers have also started stripping the valuable bits off, which happens to be what Rakesh is best at, and plans are made to steal the last working lifeboat when we decide to move again. Rex asks for a call of how much more to strip and Darion decides that we’ve stalled long enough, let’s strip the bridge and mosey again.

A minor discussion occurs between the indentureds about what they’ll do when free, which prompts Darion to ask Zelysithea about their debts.

When Darion finally declares it safe to internet, shortly before leaving, a spiderrat permit is acquired, Artesielcia bounces emails with Singe on the topic of offloading the wreck and how difficult it is, and we discover the difficulties in feeding the bear only on spiderrats. Lukas also gets an email on the topic of funding.

Lessons occur for the Velaska Noobs. Lesson One: Lukas, you have 3 crewmembers attending at all times. Lesson Two: All anthromals need paperwork stating they work on this ship. Actually all humans should too. (Alternatively, collars with tags “if found, please return to Perdition”). Lesson 3: Anyone human proooobably doesn’t want to be on the other side of the fence in general but definitely at night, during the day only with someone fluffy. Lesson 4: Here’s a few good places for shore leave, do not sign anything, other basic rules.

Checklists are checked and completed, and Perdition makes the jump!

*Apparently we need a fake fireplace and shelves still. Maybe not the shelves anymore.

Perdition comes out of FTL and immediately goes dark again, but this time the emergency lighting comes on shortly thereafter. The harness shunt seems to be dumping all the power, and after repairing, Artesielcia and Willy start tracking the problems down. *

It seems two things are occurring: the juryrigged shunt incorporates power sinks from the particle accelerator and therefore has larger than expected amperage and sucks up the ship’s power, and the other juryrigged equipment doesn’t have the right shielding, so it builds up a large amount of static electricity across the hull, which shorts out everything. The effect is magnified by the size of the tow, smaller would create less of a problem. We contemplate using this as a counter-boarding weapon. **

As it turns out, we end up on an intercept course for a navy ship, but manage to avoid it, and discover that we really can’t afford to moor/hookup, so we hang out with the tramp ships for a while, waiting on Artesielcia’s contact to call back. *

*We only vaguely in character also contemplate how to turn ourselves into an urban legend: turning ourselves into an electric vampire, figure out how to send signals in 4d, also figure out how to mask our look with weird signals or paint pitch black with odd colours / gas cloud / static lightning.

**My notes on this indicate “charge up ftl then shunt instead of shifting dimensions, shunt into nodes along the outside of the ship to do a single lightning charge across entire hull” which I believe we’d semi-implemented by two sessions from this one

Note for wiki – sensors while in 4d sometimes pick up garbled signals, communications get weird static or insanely confused signals in the wrong dimension, so there are lots of urban legends of ghosts

While out with the tramp ships, some minor shenanigans occur. Arakawanne hangs out in the dryer for a bit, requiring Lukas to vacuum it out, Darion steals her away to go find someone to sell this hulk to, Lukas finds out he has a minor enemy out in the ring again, who owes his bookie boss money, and Artesielcia gets some responses to emails to old friends, one of whom mentions a company dumping ships on Mizuki.

There are three major salvaging rings: Thermistos Sloan, Lunar Response Limited, and McCoy Interstellar.

Other not so legal contacts clear up some of the issues: the big companies pay EB Games prices, and break anyone who tries to go around them, so the main way to stay out is to either find people who aren’t under contract, or find people willing to go around their contracts.

Lukas gets press-ganged into the family company after a very sass-filled argument, and told that he can’t escape the family since they’ve put a tracking device on his phone and a 500,000 guilders bounty on his head if he tries to get away. Lukas is very unhappy about this.

After a couple of days, a Captain Antares of the Mystic Ranger shows up, claiming our wreck is his contract and he’s going to take it now. The Perdition promptly enters naval jurisdiction, and after some minor garbling of prices*, they tried to cut through our harness. We retaliate by using our new lightning generator and shut down their ship. We contact the navy, finally, and they send a Justicar ship to pick up our captains for arbitration. Unfortunately, this means we’re getting boarded and have to get Tom and Portia hidden ASAP. We manage to get them into a machine, complete with scent-hiding machine oil and water in case we’re kept here for a while, and a Lukas to keep an eye on them.

*IE us players heard the wreck to be worth 50,000, and later learned it was overinflated by a factor of 10, so I’m assuming that we weren’t completely insane when totally in character, but if we were we were demanding 45,000 instead of 4500

The boarding party arrives, questions Lukas, and don’t notice our lovely fugitives, and then he gets an offtopic phone call from his new employer about looking into things to make him work on on Velaska, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll cover our docking fees.

Elsewhere, the captain of the Justicars ship returns to the negotiations and boots everyone out to sort out the mess ourselves.* Back on the ships, negotiations begin. We offer 20% of the hulk’s value and we’ll help get their ship back up and Lavender’s help if they need it. Antares asks to move to a private channel, and once there, admits he’s basically bankrupt, so Darion accepts 775 guilders instead. We then go to help fix their ship, and we all bond. His full name is Ricardo Antares, and he and Darion and Daphne all share a drink, and Antares mentions the only person he can think of spiteful enough to kill over a lame wreck: Elias Alford of the Maximum Yankee. Elsewhere, Tamura, the Mystic Ranger’s mechanic, and Artesielcia swap more and more ridiculous stories as they patch up the ship. We also meet Will Keller, the security chief, and after everything’s fixed up again, we swap contact info and head off our separate ways.

*Also at some point we bluffed them into believing Tom and Portia were off, but I don’t have the notes as to exactly where/when.

The Daily Life of a Stuck Salvaging Ship

The impromptu party ends with a general upswing in crew morale.

Artesielsha instigates a meeting with Willy, Holly, and anyone else who was willing to help contribute about the fate of the FTL shunt. Corey manages to drop by but leaves quickly to go sleep finally. While Holly is just a tad inebriated and therefore non-contributive, Willy and Artesielsha discuss options. They decide on making a whole new FTL shunt, and after an interlude of Holly doing the Safety Dance, Artesielsha and Willy make to-do and to-acquire lists, including one for the deckhand researchers.

The bedtime proceedings begin shortly thereafter, with Artesielsha heading to find Lavender. Lavender is in the rec room watching the stars, while Arakawanne happens to be using Lavender’s lap as a pillow. The two awake girls have a nice little conversation, then steal Arakawanne off to Artesielsha’s room so they can all sleep in a nice cuddlepile.

Lukas pretty much goes straight to bed, and while in an alternate universe, his phone wakes him up, in this one it does not since he pulled the battery out while in 4D due to the captain’s orders and terror.

Since Darion is on bridge watch, he does not go to bed. Instead, he tries calling Daphne to the bridge, partially to test her hearing (which has mixed results), and partially to suggest that the group sleeping room be set back up, since he feels it would be inappropriate for him to do it for a number of reasons. She agrees to it, and goes back to bed, so he spends the rest of his watch drawing porn for DawningDragon (which seems to be a tgtf male-on-male underwater feral comic series). He is eventually relieved by Daphne armed with oatmeal, coffee, and a death metal t-shirt. Darion leaves some orders for people, which are mostly obvious (Artesielsha gets drive online and she can call on anyone not occupied with an essential task, the salvage crew is to resume their ferrying things back, the deckhands are to clean etc) and sleeps.

Over the course of the next few days, the spiderrat collection team is set up, traps are made for them (mostly by the deckhands) and baited with any organic garbage findable (with decayed food from the derelict being preferred), a servo is made to open/close the door and they start loading and unloading the traps

The salvagers keep busy with the task of filling the cargo when they’re not unloading traps.
art rolls for her fixing rolls (+ research team on the grabbing items to repair roll) – research found a users manual and haynes manual for the ship and now the mechanics are working with that and identifying what happened

Darion also occasionally inflicts the deckhands on the salvagers by dragging them over to the derelict and cart stuff back, more to get them used to the suits than anything but also so they can see what’s going on.

On the FTL side of things, the deckhands managed to pirate some manuals for the mechanics, which gave a start to proceedings. There were some setbacks, in the form of not being able to salvage the old FTL shunts from the other ship due to the fire completely destroying them, so the mechanics are now improvising a whole new shunt, using parts from every system they can haul from, especially the onboard particle accelerator. Plans for a rail gun are currently on hold due to FTL taking precedence.

The sleeppile has continued, with most of the original people (including Darion and Lukas but excluding Artesielsha and Arakawanne because they have their own sleep pile with Lavender). The next time sleeppile occurs, Lukas wraps around Zelysithea in his sleep and feels guilty because he’s worried about impeding her ability to breathe, but feels better when it’s clear he isn’t.

Darion also starts up an “exercise regime” to get people to let off steam / teach his crew how to defend themselves, which ends up with the captain sparring with Daphne, both refusing to let up and someone taking bets, that someone being Lukas.
Betting is as follows: Darion’s side has Rex betting a bottle of imported core world beer, Corey betting a swap for bridge watch, and Zelysithea betting a swap on kitchen duty. Daphne’s side has art betting one room repair, Fennel betting one special meal of choice, and Holly betting a couple of core world cigars.
Opening turn: Darion takes a swing and a miss while Daphne flashes him and succeeds at distracting both him and the entire male crowd (besides Lukas)
Second turn: Darion feints and then makes a grab for a certain something else which wasn’t flashed, and Daphne snarls at him, which he ignores.
Third turn: Darion manages another swing and a miss, while Daphne nearly clocks him one gooooood, but at the last second he gets an ineffective jab in.
Fourth turn: Darion knows kung fu fighting. which ends the fight.
Rex gets the cigars, Corey takes the meal, Zelysithea takes the repair, and the house takes no profit (first time was free), except rex gave lukas a small cigar so they have “an understanding” which Lukas was clueless to. As usual. Lavender then takes Daphne and a following Artesielsha off to the infirmary to make sure there’s no lasting damage, which is fairly likely since Daphne threatens Darion as she recovers.

Shortly thereafter, the locked briefcase finally finishes running the hack. Darion and Artesielcha go to see if Daphne is free to go yet, which she is. After much awkwardness, Darion sucks up his pride and apologizes, but Daphne decides they’ll talking about it Later. They go back to the briefcase, which contains… paper. Lots of it. An old starchart, a notebook in code, a stack of paperwork in navy code with some having the header “Project Darwin – Classified”, and some printouts of photos mostly of anthromal children in what could be a school setting, and a nice pen, just to round things off with some non-paper. Darion decides he’ll have a look at the navy code and tell his admiral friend what was found when they’re safe to transmit again.

Who needs it?

We got the ship tucked away and turned the gravity back on. Including a bit with the Captain helping Fennel get a little better handle at zero g. He is a little flustered, but tries not to acknowledge it. Apparently she has an incriminating photo of Daphne that involved New years and being drunk, but she isn’t sharing. Out of the things that need fixing, the Captain has decided that the cage is the most important thing. Willie helps, and Tom gets stolen once the ship is tucked away.
Rex wants to do things, but he was unconscious long enough that his serious pain meds to wear off. He sends Lukas off to get his bag with his meds.
Arakawanne has managed to disappear once again.
Artesielcha happens to find Lavender sleeping in the spare room, she is woken without anyone getting injured.
The cage is finished and ready for our ‘prisoner’.
Daphne and the Captain have a talk because she walked in on him hugging Arakawanne.
Lukas tells Lavender which pain pills Rex took, and the Captain talked him into grudgingly taking a blood test.
Lavender, Daphne, Tom, and the Captain move the bear to his new home.
Breakfast ends up being pancakes, bacon, and sausage.
Willie and Artesielcha get started on going over what is there for the ftl and the deck hands start with bleaching the corridor between the med bay and the cage.
Despite our trying to remain hidden, the Captain sets up a way for us to send batch queries to get some info on spider rats. Some times they are used as anti-boarding weapons, for pharmaceutical, and recreational drugs.
The Salvage team is carting over stuff, working around the spider rats. Daphne and the Captain put in some time opening boxes on tarps and with masks and gloves. He does spend some time trying to crack the biometric lock. He eventually asks Dawningdragon for ideas, she suggests a virus and gives him something to tweak.
The locked cabin was the pursers office, so we have a duffel of money cards, three pistols and three clips of ammo. 350G in cash.
The indentured people get first dibs on the clothing and we all get a couple outfits.
We have celebratory booze with dinner because we are finally getting some worth off this ship.
Rex’s blood test comes back completely clean, not even any residue from the venom. Lavender still believes Lukas.

What has gone before... Priorities

1. Strip the ship
2. Repair the spacesuits
3. Deal with the bear

After Perdition makes a panic jump to get away from the Justicars and their missiles, the crew recovers Willie and Holly from the derelict (fortunately they were able to lock themselves in an interior compartment and were not harmed by the trip through 4D…probably). Then Perdition jumps again to an area of high interference in order to hide from the Justicars and finish salvaging the Willow Eleaine. The crew want to pull off everything not nailed down, then rip out everything that is nailed down and can be feasibly removed.

Darion confronts Tom and Portia about the Justicars calling them out to be turned over. He comes up with a plan to stage kicking them off the ship once they reach Velaska, and then secretly bringing them back on board. This should throw off the Justicars into thinking they are no longer aboard Perdition. Rakesh, Daphne, and Rex are still unconscious in the infirmary, being treated by Lavender. Arakawanne is asleep in a rescue bubble happily floating in the cargo hold.

When Perdition comes out of FTL, everything goes into emergency shutdown. Lights, life support, gravity – everything turns off. Artesielcha investigates and discovers that a huge power surge knocked out their electrical grid, triggering automatic shutdowns and melting the wiring at the back of the ship. Artesielcha and Holly determine that it was the FTL system’s fault. The ship’s previous owners did not buy a proper towing package, and instead converted the ship’s backup FTL shunt into a towing connection. So now not only does Perdition not have a backup FTL shunt, their harness FTL connection is melted, likely because the pylons they swapped out within their harness were different models that drew more power, or because they were operating their harness with more pylons than the previous owners, or both. Either way, the ship is dead in space until they can repair it, and they are not sure they can tow their prize through FTL again. Artesielcha gets to work getting the ship’s systems back online one by one.

Darion sends crew around to secure floating objects before turning the gravity back on. Fennel is floating in her room and can’t get down, meaning Darion has to get her down. All of Fennel’s stuff, including certain embarrassing personal items, are floating around because she isn’t used to stowing her stuff in case the gravity fails. There is much embarrassment for both parties.

What has gone before ... I've had it with these mother f*cking spider rats on this mother f*cking plane!!

While Holly and Artesielcha check the remaining pylons on the harness still attached to the Willow Eleaine hull, Rex and Rakesh start looking for the best way into the derelict. Artesielcha and Willie head over to the wreck, and tell Lukas to keep an eye on the engines since they continues to have voltage spikes in engine subsystems. Lavender and Zelysithea are in the infirmary preparing in case there is an emergency.

Darion asks Arakawanne how she was able to calculate that a solar flare had pushed the Willow Eleaine to this location. She says it just was, since she is afraid to point out that Darion’s calculations were wrong.

Perdition loses contact with the team on the derelict. Darion, Daphne, Artesielcha, and Lavender go to investigate. They find that the salvage team has stirred up a nest of nasty vermin spider rats – they swarm and attack in the ship’s dining room, and the rescuers are split in half. Artesielcha and Lavender are forced to barricade themselves in a storage room, and Darion and Daphne retreat to the hallway where Darion holds the door open a crack so Daphne can shoot the spider rats with her SMG. Lavender and Artesielcha fight off some spider rats in the storage room, but both are bit. They begin to succumb to the spider rat venom; Lavender must rush to complete an antidote, but to do that she needs an undamaged spider rat venom sac. Artesielcha gets one for her by trapping a spider rat and slamming the door on it, slicing it in half.

Back on Perdition, Lukas is in the engine room monitoring the voltage spikes. He notices that a thruster was plugged and radios Artesielcha. She tells Corey to talk Lukas through how to shut down the thruster. They do this, but there is a pressure buildup that could cause a plasma explosion or leak if they don’t clear the obstruction. Zelysithea is the only mechanically inclined person still on board – she has repaired plasma systems used for ice mining. But it is very physically demanding work and she can’t do it. So the deckhands must be her hands. Zelysithea, Lukas, Tom, and Portia go to the laundry room where there is an access panel, and Lukas and Tom climb between the hulls to reach the thruster. Zelysithea talks them through the repair, and they manage to avert a disaster with only a few minor injuries.

Back on the derelict, Lavender manages to synthesize an antidote (she thinks), but she loses consciousness before she can test it. Artesielcha injects the antidote (she is nearly comatose herself by this point), and thankfully it works. Darion manages to work his way around the dining room, finding Rex, Willie, and Rakesh, and reaches Artesielcha and Lavender.

Artesielcha takes Lavender and Rakesh, both still unconscious from spider rat venom, back to Perdition and the infirmary. She drapes her bedsheet over Lavender so when Lavender wakes up she will smell it and know that they both got out. Darion and Daphne split up to search the rest of the ship. Darion finds a locked case behind the remains of the bar and a biometrically locked attache case, but doesn’t try to open them yet. During his search, Darion is confronted by a crazed bear anthromal, who attacks him with Daphne’s SMG. Darion grapples with the bear, and manages to push them both upwards so he clocks the bear’s head on the ceiling, knocking him out cold. Darion zip ties the bear’s limbs together and locks him in a storage room. Tom and Holly bring a rescue bubble over to transport the bear back to Perdition. There, they clear out everything from the operating theatre in the infirmary, since it has a locking door, and they restrain the prisoner there for now. Darion finds Daphne unconscious and takes her back to Perdition.

Artesielcha sends over a vacuum-sealed box so the salvage crew can bring back spider rat bits. She is in the infirmary tinkering with broken pylon bits; they get enough pylons working on the harness to tow the Willow Eleaine through FTL. Zelysithea is also in the infirmary helping, since she is the only available able-bodied crewmember.

Meanwhile, Darion opens the case he found. In it is a good pump-action shotgun (police issue) with 8 shells. The crew researches the spider rats, and learns that they are hardy vermin that breathe CO2, and their venom causes paralysis and heart failure.

When Lavender finally wakes up, she freaks out and smashes a glass bottle, then slashes Zelysithea across the face with the broken glass and runs for it. Artesielcha gets on the intercom and sings a lullaby to calm Lavender and bring her back, then she carries her back to the infirmary and prompts her to treat the others. Rakesh has a bad allergic reaction to the spider rat venom and he starts to convulse, then his heart stops, forcing quick action by Lavender and Lukas to save him.

As if their troubles aren’t bad enough, the Justicar cruiser Blood Fang arrives on the scene and hails them. The commander, Ivan Barwon, says he has it on good authority that fugitives Tycho Thomson and Aithra Porter (Tom and Portia) are on board, and orders Perdition to surrender. Darion instead decides to outsmart the Justicars. He gets Artesielcha to create a comm relay to bounce their communication signal off of, so that they appear to be in a different location than their ship actually is – this buys some time. But the Blood Fang fires a missile at them, no doubt trying to knock out their pylons. Darion tries everything to fool the missile guidance – he tells Artesielcha to create a power surge, orders Fennel, Tom, and Portia to dump garbage out an airlock as chaff, and he he tries to hack the missile’s guidance computer. Meanwhile, Corey plots a pair of FTL jumps that take them through as much interference as possible. But there is no time to pull Willie and Holly off of the derelict before jumping to FTL.

What has gone before ... Near Miss

Perdition flies away from Azure, off to investigate a lead that could give them their first salvage job. Arakawanne believes that she has located the wreck of the passenger liner Willow Eleaine, which suffered a fire onboard and was wrecked, but while a different salvage outfit was towing the wreck back to port she broke free and they lost her, and nobody has been able to relocate her. However, Arakawanne has scanned all the available information and calculated her likely drift speed and trajectory, and thinks she knows where to find the lost liner.

While Perdition is cruising, Darion institutes mandatory zero-g training / hazing. He gathers the crew to the cargo hold and turns off the gravity, and lets them play. This is fun for Daphne and Rex and the others who are accustomed to zero-g, but is particularly difficult for greenhorns like Lukas and Portia and Tom. Lukas bashes his head on the wall and has to go to medical for Lavender to treat him. However, Portia realizes the possibilities of zero-g, and suggests quiddich…

A while later, Corey alerts Darion that one of the airlocks is cycling, and that someone has overridden the bridge controls. It’s Lavender – she is standing naked inside the starboard airlock, prepared to open the outer door. Now others can see what she has been hiding – her hide is slashed with deep scars. She says she tried to cope but couldn’t, and this is the only way she can find peace. Darion tries to talk her down, but ends up triggering flashbacks from the Halifax Incident and he ends up wibbling on the floor. Artesielcha reaches out to Lavender – they have both suffered trauma. Artesielcha coaxes Lavender back inside, and carries her back to her quarters for as many hugs as she wants. Lavender opens up to Artesielcha about how she was raped and tortured by humanist soldiers in the military. Daphne takes Darion back to his quarters, and helps him through his breakdown too.

After things settle down a little, Darion continues with crew training, including piloting lessons, spacesuit familiarization, zero-g practice, etc. He takes blackmail pictures of crew embarrassing themselves in zero-g. He also starts ghost child language lessons with Artesielcha, Daphne, etc. Artesielcha continues to nurse Lavender through her emotional breakdown, while continuing with ship repairs. She replaces the gasket in the leaky airlock, solving that particular air loss problem. She also works with the salvors to get the salvage gear prepped and ready. Corey lets Lukas push THE BUTTON that sends them into 4D travel.

To help with the whole Fennel sleeping in so no breakfast problem, Darion has Artesielcha rig up an alarm clock in Fennel’s room that can only be turned off by a switch in the galley kitchen (with a note on the back of Fennel’s door telling her this). The first time the alarm goes off, Fennel stumbles into the galley half-asleep and throws a pillow at Darion.

Portia, Tom, Willie, and Lukas play quiddich in the cargo hold, using brooms and balls. Rex comes in to see what the hell they’re doing and gets a snitch in the eye. He tears a strip off of them for being dangerous, then yells at Darion for allowing this horsing around. Darion chastises the deckhands for bouncing balls around in zero-g.

Darion talks to Artesielcha, Lavender, and Arakawanne, trying to help his crew work through their emotional issues. He suggests group therapy but Lavender says she isn’t ready to talk and can’t handle other people’s problems, and she doesn’t feel like she can talk to Darion. Only Artesielcha seems able to get through to her.

Darion institutes flying lessons, gets Lukas to play “video games” to train for bridge watch. He tries to convince Fennel to learn piloting, but she’s more interested in watching Corey work out.

Perdition drops out of 4D in empty space, with no ships (or derelicts) on sensors. But, the derelict has no power, no heat, no transponder, and is small enough to not show up on all but very close range sensor scans. Darion spends an hour doing math, checking their position and where the wreck has drifted off to in the two weeks they’ve been in transit. Darion reconfigures a laser communications device to scan for a ship (like optical radar – reading the bounceback of the laser); he also watches for disruptions in stellar wind, and orders several crew up to the lounge to look around with the ship’s spotlights while Zelysithea sits in the crane bubble looking below them with more spotlights. Artesielcha and Lukas watch the sensor screens while Arakawanne checks and revises her initial plotting. They take four passes of the area, and after Arakawanne’s corrections, they find the wreck … after nearly crashing right into it. Luckily someone in the lounge sees it in the spotlights in time for Corey to throw on the brakes.

Arakawanne gets THE HUG from Darion.

Corey parks the ship above the wreck. Rex sends Holly to check the remains of the FTL harness still strapped to the derelict’s hull, while he, Darion, Daphne, and Artesielcha will lead a team inside the wreck to explore.

What has gone before... Liftoff

Having just committed arson and many counts of theft/kidnapping, with their hold full of more than ninety escaped indentured anthromals, this would be a terrible time for a spot inspection by the port authorities. But try telling that to the nice men with guns who are now surrounding the ship…

Darion has to act quickly. He and the crew come up with a plan to stall the authorities and hide their extremely illegal cargo of runaways. Darion, Rex, and Portia (the most authoritative of the human crewmembers) will try to buttonhole the fuzz at the airlock door. Meanwhile, Daphne and Rakesh will hide some people in the gap between the ship’s hulls while Artesielcha and Willie wreck the ship’s engines a bit, enough to put out a lot of smoke and sparks so that they can conceal the rest of the runaways in the engine room. Arakawanne will wander around eccentrically as a distraction, while Lukas can provide further stalling.

Miraculously, the plan works. The Enforcers search the entire ship, but thanks to some clever misdirection they don’t find the hidden escapees. They do require a full mechanical inspection before the ship takes off; a sizeable bribe gets the technicians to come back later (after Sakidanaraya comes by to pick up the “cargo”). Also, Darion owes Daphne a backrub.

The crew set to work repairing their ship, buying food, medicine, and other supplies (on more money loaned to them by Sakidanaraya), and getting ready for an eventual deep space trip. Sakidanaraya sends a truck with a shipping container on it to pick up all the rescuees – she refuses to say where she is taking them, only that they are being put “on ice”, and will be brought somewhere safe where they won’t be enslaved again. Artesielcha and Willie make what repairs they can to the ship (FTL diagnostic, leaky airlock seal, slow leak in the forward section, galley lights, spotlight that got shot out back at the farm, broken salvage gear, etc). They fix two of _Perdition_’s FTL pylons, and try to get the FTL harness working (Holly uses her tricks of the trade to bodge 3 of them back to working condition, and Darion successfully salvages one at the scrapyard).

At one point, Darion finds Daphne up on top of the ship with a golf club, hitting golf balls at the huge container ship parked next to them (trying to hit containers of a particular colour). She and Darion talk, and Daphne opens up about her childhood as the adopted daughter of human parents, how she is estranged from her community and her culture, and never got a proper Ghost Child name. Darion vows to find a way to get Daphne a name.

Darion emails his contacts – Admiral Kaerwyn, Kace, Dawningdragon – and updates them on his progress. He remarks at how differently things are run here in the Border, that he is still getting used to paying bribes, dealing with shady characters, and breaking up fights between his crewmembers. He asks if any of them have job leads they could give him. Darion also grabs Portia and Lukas and sets them to work incorporating a salvage business for him.

One night, as their launch window approaches, Darion throws a dance party for the crew (under their ship), complete with food, drinks, music, etc. Many of the crew take to dancing with one another, though some (notably Rex and Lavender) do not join in. There is more awkwardness when Darion dances with Daphne, and Lukas dances with Arakawanne (causing Lukas to remark “Awkward, at least on my part. She appears to be having an okay time.”).

As they creep closer and closer to their launch window, Darion and Daphne are called to the Port Master’s office. Darion is asked to take the captain’s oath, and sign his commission (the Port Master is very speciesist and doesn’t want to acknowledge Daphne’s existence, but Darion insists that she sign as his First Officer). The two of them make tracks back to the ship, and manage to make it in time for their launch window.

Darion and Daphne take their seats on the bridge; Artesielcha has the engines warmed up. They take off from the spaceport, and fly up into the sky and out into the blackness of space…

What has gone before... As the Dust Settles

Status Report:
Holly: Shitfaced
Zelysithea: Unconscious, possibly dead
Where they just came from: On fire
Mission: Accomplished

Daphne is pissed off at the guards for shooting at her ship (and breaking one of its floodlights), so she buzzes them. The engine wash overturns their truck and scatters them. She opens up the engines and they fly away from the farm. Daphne switches on the autopilot, jumps up and yells “Yeah baby, that’s how it’s done!” and so on. Corey reaches over and switches off the autopilot, and nervously takes the helm.

Darion leaves the bridge to check on his crew. Lavender is in the infirmary treating Zelysithea, who is alive but unconscious. Lavender says that Zelysithea over-exerted herself during the farm heist, and she passed out due to lack of oxygen. Lavender says they will have to wait until she wakes up to see if there is any permanent damage. She tells Darion that Zelysithea needs medication if she is going to keep doing strenuous work on the ship – it will cost 36G for a month’s supply.

Artesielcha works with Lakedanearie to get everyone settled. They separate the 23 who were part of Sakidanaraya’s shipment and takes them to Darion’s office. Darion meets them there – he tries to get them to tell him where Sakidanaraya is taking them, but they either don’t know or won’t tell him. Darion then addresses the other 70-odd rescuees in the cargo hold – he doesn’t get the warmest reception because he addresses them in a formal (human) way like he is talking down to them, ordering them around. Artesielcha introduces Darion to Lakedanearie, and he tries to shake her hand – not recognizing the gesture, she rubs her face against Darion’s hand. Darion arranges for Fennel to cook food for the rescuees, and gets blankets for them.

When Darion gets back to the bridge, Daphne is in his chair, asleep, drooling on the armrest. Darion wakes her up but she doesn’t give up the captain’s chair. So Darion just sits on her lap, causing her to remark that he has a bony ass. Then she decides to find out if he’s ticklish. They end up in a tickle fight on the floor. Cory wishes he was elsewhere…

Lukas overhears some radio chatter – the authorities issue an APB on a ship suspected of kidnapping the farm workers, but are not able to give a description – only that it “has a crane”. They think it is a cargo ship. They are sending out coast guard helicopters to search because they don’t have a spaceship until morning.

Artesielcha checks up on engineering – everything is fine, but the engines sound laboured – likely a fuel system problem. Then the fuel mixture warning light goes on. Artesielcha and Corey troubleshoot the problem and get some improvement, but the engines need to be shut off before they can really fix anything. Corey wants to bring the ship up higher so they have a margin of safety if they suddenly lose power. Daphne says no – flying higher will make them easier to detect. Corey says safety comes first; Daphne stands firm. Lukas chimes in that it’s best to not be spotted; Daphne says listen to the professor. Lukas calls the captain when it looks like Daphne and Corey are about to come to blows. Darion comes on the bridge and breaks them up – Daphne gets pissed at him for not letting her handle it and questioning her judgment, and storms off.

Darion has a talk with Corey, and tells him that Daphne has experience in these sorts of situations and that he should listen to her. Corey says he’s not going to put the ship at risk. This triggers Darion’s PTSD and he flashbacks to the Halifax – he only comes back when Corey has to make a course change and has to shake Darion out of it because Darion has a death grip on the controls. Corey brings them in for a landing on their pad (with less up-and-down this time).

Rex shows up in the bridge and asks to meet with Darion. He is upset about something. In Darion’s office, he says “I told you so” about Zelysithea, and demands that Darion take her off of his salvage crew. Darion agrees that she won’t work on Rex’s crew anymore, and won’t be on any heavy machinery until he can be sure that she is medically fit. Rex thanks him for keeping their deal, and asserts that he doesn’t want her on the cranes.

Darion knocks on Tom and Portia’s cabin, and asks them to stand bridge watch since they are the only ones who have had some sleep and are not drunk or hung over. He checks in at the infirmary one more time. Willie is asleep on a gurney; Darion wakes him up and sends him to bed. Lavender is still working; Zelysithea is still unconscious. Darion tells Lavender to get some sleep; she says she is fine (she did seven days of sleep deprivation training with the special forces). She eventually agrees that if Darion can find someone with first aid training to relieve her then she would catch some rack time. Darion goes to cargo bay to check on the rescuees and talk to Lakedanearie – she says that one of the rescuees’ grandmother knows healing, but she doesn’t speak English.

Darion finally gets to bed, wobbles for a while, then falls into a dreamless sleep. He is woken sometime later by the intercom – Tom tells him to get to the bridge. When he gets there, he sees Tom looking out the window. Outside are a couple Enforcer armoured trucks with soldiers walking around. Tom tells Darion that Portia is downstairs talking to them. They want to come on board to do an inspection.


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