Heavy equipment operator


Species: Ghost Child [raccoon]
Sex/Age: Female, 25
Appearance: Dark grey eyes, spearmint green fur with mahogany markings, flexible
Background: Indentured labourer
Gear: none
Personality: Honest, unshakeable
Motto: “Try to choose the lesser of two evils”


Zelysithea was an indentured ice miner on Loreley. She mostly worked heavy equipment, but was also put on the foot crews when they were shorthanded. While working the face, she took a chunk of ice that ruptured her suit and she got a lungful of supercooled toxic gases. She survived but ended up with serious lung damage, so she was taken off mining and her contract was sold for pennies on the dollar. Darion Quinn bought her to be a crane operator on his salvage team. Although most of the crew appreciate her calm optimism, she has yet to gain Rex’s trust, as he believes her health problems could endanger the rest of the salvage crew.