Willie Mizoguchi

Engineer's mate


Species: Human (Asian)
Sex/Age: Male, 17
Appearance: Small build, pale skin, blue eyes, short black hair
Background: Engineer’s assistant
Gear: Tools, personal sundries
Personality: Eager. Exaggerates everything.
Motto: “Try to reject prejudice.”


Willie is one of the many young hopefuls just out of school and hoping to start their lives in the Border Ring, where there is good money and lots of adventure. He had a short stint on a passenger transport – he was competent, if inexperienced, but his superiors got tired of him dramatizing even the smallest mechanical problem and let him go. He now works as a mechanic aboard Perdition, under Artesielcha Stormchaser. Willie’s previous ship had a mixed crew, and he is accustomed to working with and alongside anthromals.