Tom / Moonsplinter



Species: Ghost Child (canine)
Homeworld: New Planet
Sex/Age: Male, 20
Appearance: Sandy fur with black and silver stripes, one green & one blue eye
Background: Indentured labourer
Gear: A few clothes
Personality: Optimistic. Diplomatic. Eats raw meat. On the run from the law.
Motto: “Don’t break a promise.”


Has recently fallen in love with Portia. When her parents found out, they fabricated evidence of rape and tried to have Tom arrested; he and Portia fled to the Border Ring to escape the police. Now Portia’’s family have propagated the story that he kidnapped her, and they have hired mercenaries to “rescue” her (and assassinate him). The two have to constantly stay on the move to avoid notice. It was his idea to hire on with an independent starship. He loves Portia deeply, and would do anything to protect her.