Seyamaera Rilebrew



Species: Ghost Child (red wolf)
Homeworld: Good Hope
Sex/Age: Female, 32
Appearance: average height, supple build, red and sable fur, violet eyes
Background: Scavenger
Personality: outgoing, with a general disregard for authority
Motto: “Truth is outside the lines”


Seyamaera did what most denizens of Good Hope do, if they have the means – get off their planet as soon as possible. She left home when she was fourteen by stowing away on a cargo ship, and from then on she made her way through backwater spaceports and remote colonies, scavenging and stealing and occasionally working. A couple years later she met a fellow runaway named Daphne, and the two of them ran together for a while, even working side by side on the tramp starship Gypsy Grace, pulling illegal salvage and asteroid mining jobs with a little thievery now and then. The two lost contact after the Gypsy Grace‘s captain changed and many of the old crew left; Daphne put her savings into a down payment on a ramshackle ship of her own. Meanwhile, the law caught up with Seyamaera, and she spent the next several years as a guest of the Border Ring prison system. She was recently transferred to Hudson Station, where she reunited with Daphne during the Perdition crew’s daring escape from the doomed station.

Seyamaera has picked up many skills during the years she spent on her own, including considerable deep-space scavenging and salvage, microgravity proficiency, and avoiding unwanted attention. She is not used to following orders, she tends to ignore authority, and her ability to cooperate with others extends only to those who keep up with her.