Rakesh Devji



Species: Human (Indian)
Homeworld: Belakane
Sex/Age: Male, 30
Appearance: average height, grey eyes, brown skin, black hair
Background: Salvor
Gear: Tools
Personality: unpretentious, sensitive to prejudice
Motto: “Don’t think that waiting will make your obstacles grow smaller.”


Rakesh grew up in a poor family on Belakane. His father worked in a refinery while his mother, aunt, brothers and sisters picked through the debris and wreckage that surrounded the planet’s industrial complexes, looking for valuable scrap to sell. One of the salvage outfits coming through Belakane noticed Rakesh and his family combing the scrap, and offered to hire him and one of his brothers as salvors. Both agreed, and for a while they worked on a salvage crew, sending most of their pay back home to their family. Their father soon became too sick and injured to work, so the family depended upon this income to survive. However, their new employers did not make the work easy – they hazed and hassled Rakesh and his brother Hajit, and criticized every job they did, no matter how competently. Eventually Rakesh became fed up and started looking for a new job. Shortly thereafter, he was hired on to Perdition’s salvage crew. His first priority is to keep sending money back home to his family. One day he hopes to strike it rich so that he can afford to take his family off Belakane to somewhere better, and pay for the medical treatment his father needs. Because of the abuse he went through, Rakesh is over-sensitive to racism and prejudice, and sometimes sees it where it is not there.