Lukas Vonachen

Ph.D student / "Paying Passenger" / Consultant


Species: Human (Caucasian)
Homeworld: Earth
Sex/Age: Male, 28
Appearance: Average height, skinny, rather pale skin, auburn hair, grey-green eyes.
Background: Student
Gear: Some fun tshirts, mostly cheap clothing, tablet, notebook, cracked cellphone.
Personality: Single-minded
Motto: “Perserverance will Triumph” (Theid Dìchioll Air Thoiseach)
Tarot Card: The Star


Lukas’ middle name is Sebastian.

Lukas was born to a nouveau riche family as the second generation born into money. Although his father tried to instill the same values his father had, Lukas somehow took them to heart in a different manner. While his father and grandfather focused on making money, keeping money, and exploiting whatever they could for additional money, Lukas somehow ended up rather charitable, in a warped way. Once he entered college, he ended up breaking off in a totally new direction, going into the social sciences and (gasp) beginning to be interested in the rights of the disenfranchised. Eventually, Lukas turned to the plight of the anthromals (as he thinks of it as) and began to write his PHd on the subject.

Odd jobs he’s taken have led to some very unusual life experiences, such as a passing experience with the criminal world, aided by his arrest for incidents with his protest group. Really, the only reason Lukas hasn’t been disowned yet is because his family still acts in traditions enough that the lesser, elder son is still vaguely preferred to the younger daughter who fits the family far better.

Allies: Professor Tino Lund, Anthromal Liberation Front, Chester Kastenman
Contacts: The Vonachens (mostly Yves), Olavio Omer, Valtr Jukes, some forum
Rivals: Dean Mudliyar, Marie Maurseth, Gerhard Schmückle

Professor Lund: Lukas’ Phd supervisor, mentor, and one of the few people who is somewhat sympathetic to Lukas’ ideas.
Anthromal Liberation Front: The student protest group that Lukas joined in university.
Chester Kastenman: Eldest son of a family of business contacts who still likes Lukas, even with the insanity.

Olavio Omer: Bookie who Lukas worked for and still kinda finds him amusing.
Valtr Jukes: Family lawyer.
Ship-Watching Forum: Lukas found this on Melusine and got infinite cool factor by uploading a picture of a Poseidon.
The Vonachens: There are six of them. Yves is Lukas’ (cutthroat) father, Hayri is Lukas’ (disapproving) mother, Dominique is Lukas’s (ambitious) younger sister. His grandparents are Elias, who was the one who struck rich, Gloria is his grandmother, and Ruy is Elias’ sibling who didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of Elias’ luck. Ruy is the only poor one.

Dean Mudliyar: Dean and Lukas were vying for the same position of Professor’s Lund’s mentorship, and Lund picked Lukas. Dean holds a grudge. He’s also pretty humanist.
Marie Maurseth: The Maurseths held some businesses that the Vonachens were interested in allying with, so they started pushing Marie and Lukas together. They were even engaged, until Lukas had been at university a while and finally realized he had no idea why they were engaged.
Gerhard Schmückle: Gerhard was one of Olavio’s best clients, until Lukas got at Olavio’s books and figured out Gerhard was totally scamming Olavio. Now Gerhard owes Olavio a lot of money and blames Lukas.

Lukas Vonachen

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