Species: Ghost Child (weasel)
Homeworld: Plato
Sex/Age: Male, 37
Appearance: average height, slender, charcoal fur with umber patches, blue eyes
Background: indentured technician
Gear: blue coveralls
Personality: quick-thinking and loyal
Motto: “Family is everything”


Lessiklyowara was born to the nomadic tribes of Plato, the remnants of the indigenous Ghost Children who had been evicted from their homelands by the super-resorts and who had not yet been captured and forced into servitude. Since their world’s colonization, they have wandered the desert and mountainous regions, where the terrain and climate makes a concerted round-up too difficult for the Merchants Guild to bother with. Travelling from watering hole to grazing valley, Lessiklyowara picked up many useful skills from his extended family, including how to keep ancient machinery running without proper replacement parts.

When he was a teenager, a Plato security detail picked him up while he was venturing into the starport town to steal medicine. Charged with vagrancy, he was sentenced to indentured labour. He eventually found himself on Hudson Station as a technician and maintenance worker in the prison complex.