Species: Ghost Child (feline)
Sex/Age: Female, 24
Appearance: Very slim build, cherry red fur, violet eyes, dark chocolate stripes
Background: Flight surgeon
Gear: Medical kit
Personality: Compulsive. Suicidal. Survived torture. Has a terrible secret.
Motto: “Don’t trust someone who doesn’t close their eyes when you kiss.”


If first impressions can be trusted, Lavender is a kind-hearted and gentle soul, a little quiet perhaps but a generally sweet person, perhaps surprising given her military background. Unfortunately, in her case first impressions are misleading.

Indentured to the United Worlds navy at sixteen, Lavender spent her initial tours helping her human masters hunt down and kill her own people. At first opportunity she applied for technical training, and two years later was certified as a combat medic. She stayed with the medical corps, able to justify her presence with the UW as long as she confined herself to healing the injured. By age 22 she was fully trained as a field surgeon and attached to a Special Forces detachment with the rank of Major; she was only in her new position for three months before a group of soldiers with Humanist inclinations decided they took exception to a non-human like her having such high rank and responsibility. They attacked and overpowered Lavender and one of her medical techs, a canine anthromal called Pep, and hauled them off to a decommissioned compound. There they were both tortured in the worst ways that the soldiers could imagine. They broke Lavender’s bones with sledgehammers, tore her claws out with pliers, used blowtorches to burn off her fur, and raped her again and again. Eventually some marines she’d treated found out what had happened to her and rescued her; by then she was barely clinging to life. Her comrade was not so fortunate. The navy at that time was focused on the success of integrated combat units and couldn’t afford the bad press, so they buried the incident as deep as they could. All of the soldiers involved were transferred, but none were punished – rather, they were paid for their silence.

The navy gave Lavender a compassionate discharge and tore up her contract, but the damage had been done; she had been so deeply broken by her experiences that she may never return to anything approximating a normal life. Through she is still a fully capable flight surgeon, her post-traumatic stress has led to complete social withdrawal, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, and suicidal depression. She is plagued with survivor’s guilt, and has come to believe that her life no longer has any value. She also suffers frequent traumatic flashbacks, particularly when tired or stressed, which cause spontaneous and violent dissociative episodes. She has also attempted to kill herself on at least one occasion. Only Artesielcha has had much success in getting through to Lavender; she remains distant and isolates herself from the rest of the crew, and treats Darion as if he were her commanding officer on a navy ship.