Species: Ghost Child (fox)
Homeworld: Azure
Sex/Age: Female, 27
Appearance: Average height, slim build, violet eyes, chestnut fur, large ears,
Background: Bartending, cooking
Gear: Personal sundries
Personality: Amorous, flirty, mischievous. Wears revealing clothing.
Motto: “Don’t sign a contract.”


When one thinks of the newly-emerging Azurean Ghost Child middle class, Fennel fits the profile perfectly. Unlike most other Ghost Children, Fennel’s parents worked with the Merchants Guild and stayed out of indentured servitude, earning a comfortable living and maintaining their independence while they worked within the human commercial domain. Fennel and her peers grew up without the hardships and abuse that characterized most Ghost Children upbringings – she is carefree, unambitious, and somewhat entitled. A classic party girl, she is used to batting her eyelashes and getting what she wants. Her parents, wanting their child to have everything they never did, unwittingly encourage her bad behaviour. Though she is very smart, and could have achieved anything had she put her mind to it, Fennel has not even completed a high school education and works as a part-time bartender and sometime dancer at her favourite local nightclub, usually taking her payment exclusively in drinks. She knows someday her parents are going to lose patience with her and cut her off; she just hopes to marry a rich, handsome fox before that happens.

Daphne and Fennel are good friends, and enjoyed hanging out together when Daphne was on Azure. When Daphne signed on to Perdition, she asked Darion to bring her “favourite bartender” on to cook for the crew. Fennel’s cooking skills are actually quite good, considering her specialty is pub food … it is her work ethic that is often lacking. However, few people know how to throw a good party better than Fennel.