Darion Harken Quinn



Alias: Ashmoon (online)
Species: Human (Caucasian – Irish)
Homeworld: Sterling
Sex/Age: Male, 23
Appearance: Tall, slim, fit build, with well toned, if not terribly substantial muscles. Pale skin tone with sharp facial features, emerald eyes with gold flecks, & dark hair, originally cut short, but has been growing for the past year. Small scar over right eye, and substantial burn tissue on left arm.
Background: Military Officer/Navigator
Gear: Jacket, Service Pistol, Combat Knife, Sketchbook
Personality: Curious, Open-minded, & Proud – needs to appear “Confident” in everything.
Motto: “Ever forward.”


1. ‘Dawningdragon’ (screen name) – (Female, Anthromal [Otter]) Online Friend, comrades in the dragon community. Has used her talent for computers and hacking to create a false identity to Darion (as a cover to keep relations with him despite his family), who believes she is human. Dawning is probably the only person Darion has properly confided his feelings to regarding the Halifax incident. World – Tasnin.
2. The Debonairs – (org) Part-time mercenaries, part-time gang, generally laid-back and individualistic. High ranking members have befriended Darion after hearing his story. Where the Debonairs go, the Justicars, their arch-rivals are rarely far behind.
3. Uncle Ivo – (Male, Human) Darion’s Uncle (sister’s side), black sheep and maybe a little irresponsible, but has no real agenda other than to “have a good time and make sure his favourite nephew is enjoying himself too, maybe cause trouble for the power-hungry family… show them for being too uptight”.
4. Dana Kaerwyn – (Female, Human) Admiral Dana Kaerwyn is the head recruiter and education relations for the Core Navy. Dana sees potential in Darion, and has already put a decent amount of effort into helping him find the command position she feels he is meant for. She has supported Darion’s sabbatical, and hopes that this will give him the chance to come to terms with what has happened, gain experience, and return better for it.

1. Sakidanaraya Whispersong – (Female, Anthromal [Snow Leopard]) Daedalus native, left to prove herself and gather resources for her struggling home. She has discovered a talent for underworld dealings, even finding herself more at home in the ring than back on her homeworld. Sakida sees an advantage in Darion’s relative innocence and well-meaning, hoping to shape a useful tool or agent of him. Despite her dislike and mistrust of humans, Sakida is a reasonable and caring individual, should she ever open up and lower her guard.
2. Aiden Meritt – (Male, Anthromal [Fox]) A Support (small craft/backup) Pilot originally aboard the Halifax, now stationed aboard the Copenhagen with a commission. Aiden and Darion became fairly good friends during the Halifax incident. Aiden is the only anthromal that Darion knows on more than a passing basis.
3. Lyra Cerenov – (Female, Human) With family ties to one of the older corporate interests, Lyra and Darion were secretly set up by their families in hopes of joining the two. For some time, they were close and had started dating, when, they found out about their family’s machinations. Both were outraged, but continued seeing each other for some time before Darion called off the relationship by ‘mutual consent’. Lyra had hoped to continue the relationship (despite having her own misgivings), and felt that it just needed more time, and perhaps some of the dividing pressure was the expectations for their families. They have kept up contact since, although it has slowly been becoming more sporadic, and Darion wasn’t able to make it to her convocation (medical degree) due to the Halifax incident, of which she has heard little about.
4. Kace Mbgua – (Male, Human) Chief mechanic aboard the Halifax, Kace was a long-time veteran both to the military and to independent operations out on the ring (particularly in the salvage business). It was speaking with, and hearing the stories from Kace’s days out on the ring that gave him the idea to go out there himself. After the Halifax Incident, Kace left the military and has gone off to the ring to retirement with friends and family.

1. Riven Alexis – (Male, Human) Rival and arch-enemy, Riven was a classmate and peer of Darion’s and had forever been in the shadow of his ‘hated enemy’ (Darion meanwhile had considered [or at least tried to treat] their relationship to simply be friendly competition for the longest time). With Darion’s leave, he has found position in the military (although still only as second choice) and will do almost anything to strike at Darion or to secure his position.
2. The Justicars – (org) Where the Debonairs are flexible and adaptive, the Justicars are disciplined and organized. The rivalry between these two groups is quite well known, with lines clearly drawn, and a mutual burning hatred reserved only for each other and their lackeys.
3. The Valkyr – (org) Pirates responsible for a great deal of (often more subtle) operations in the core worlds, with a couple, more overt operations in the ring. Darion’s ‘heroics’ caused the greatest setback for the most recent decades of their operation.
4. Natasha Quinn – (Female, Human) Darion’s grandmother, a fierce woman who leads the Quinn family dynasty despite the head of the family officially being her son, Amos (Darion’s Father). An open and outspoken ‘Humanist’, Natasha has looked to the economic, political, and cultural well-being of the family. Darion has generally been on good terms with Natasha, being the heir to the family, she has spent a great deal of time with him and properly ‘grandmothered’ him. Despite this relationship, she has often been harsh in her lessons and worries for Darion’s future. She may love him dearly, but both his future and the entire family line is at stake – and she has always believed in the end justifying the means.

Darion Harken Quinn

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