Daphne Bamber

First Officer


Species: Ghost Child (Hyena)
Homeworld: Kalani
Sex/Age: Female, 34
Appearance: Average height, voluptuous, sandy fur with black stripes, amethyst eyes
Background: Scavenger
Gear: Credentials, revolver, body armour, knives, lockpicks, tools, lollipops
Personality: Opinionated. Blustering. Sweet tooth.
Motto: “Don’t apologize for defending your values”.


Daphne is a hard-bitten, no-nonsense woman. Formerly the sole operator of a salvage and waste disposal outfit (“the Mid-Light Crisis”), she is used to dealing with speciesist and sexist individuals, and has spent most of her life fighting to assert herself. She scraped up a meagre living by scavenging old wrecks, usually bringing home just enough scrap metal and electronics to afford another tank of fuel and a few supplies. Eventually her luck ran out and she went too long without a score; she ended up adrift, out of fuel and out of options. Eventually one of her rivals found her and towed her back to civilization, but took her ship as payment.

She knew she needed another job to survive, but she chafes at authority (particularly human authority), and she refused to work for any of her old competitors. She met Darion Quinn in a bar, and after showing him her credentials he agreed to hire her on as his first officer. Daphne, however, sees this relationship as one of equal command. The pair have since become lovers.

Both of Daphne’s parents were killed by humanists when she was six years old; she was adopted by a wealthy human family and raised on a space station orbiting the gas giant Rin. She ran away when she was a teenager, and has been on her own since. Daphne resents her loss of connection with her ghost child heritage – although she can speak her language passibly, she does not have a ghost name, and she has been outcast from her community on Kalani because they see her as just another human.