Corey "Deuce" Dermitt



Species: Ghost Child (wolf)
Sex/Age: Male, 30
Appearance: Tall, athletic build, black fur, gold eyes
Background: Commercial pilot
Gear: Personal sundries
Personality: Overly cautious. Cynical.
Motto: “Never take time for granted.”


Corey is a former commercial liner pilot; for almost ten years he worked for a small outfit specializing in short passenger flights. He earned the derogatory nickname “Deuce” on one of his first flights, where he took two tries to land on what is widely considered the easiest runway in the Border Ring – he aborted his first (nearly perfect) approach because it didn’t look safe enough. This came to characterize Corey’s performance for the next few years – he obsessively went over the pre-flight checklist multiple times, and was known for taking multiple attempts to land or take off even in ideal conditions. The company initially kept him around due to his spotless incident record, but when hard times came he was included in the first round of layoffs. Believing the industry would never hire him again, he started looking for work among owner-operators, hoping to find a crew who would appreciate his care and attention. He serves as Perdition’s primary pilot, although Captain Darion has learned that if he need any tricky flying or is in any kind of hurry he is best to put Daphne at the helm.