Artesielcha Stormchaser

Chief Engineer


Species: Ghost Child (Painted Dog)
Home world: Valaska
Sex/Age: Female, 17
Appearance: Slightly below average height, slender build. Black, tan, cream, white, and red-orange fur. Gold eyes.
Background: Indentured Mechanic
Gear: Overalls, pockets full of junk, wrench with blue duct tape and wire wrapped handle. Blue robes with stormy thread patterning for when she feels like she needs to be warm or fancy.
Personalty: Thorough
Motto: “It Always needs fixing.”


She grew up as an indi on a humanist world. She believes that there are both good and bad people, because she has seen both. A mechanic bought her contract shortly after her father was sold because she was found in his shop tinkering with an engine. He treated her like a person who worked for him instead of an object. His human apprentice decided that a dog shouldn’t hold the same position he did, so he tried to sell her to a sketchy ship. Her owner sold her to a ship he thought would treat her fairly so that she wouldn’t have to go with them.
She doesn’t like to trust humans, but is still young enough she wants to see the good in everyone. At least everyone who hasn’t hurt her. She believes that romantic love is something for people who are free, because it hurts too much when some one you love is sold. Watching her mother after her father was sold was enough to convince her of that. Her mother and sister are both owned by Olario Criollo.

Three by Three

Ally Mom – Elchanisla (Anise) works as a house/ office cleaner. Lots of black in her markings. She was born into servitude and has decided that being timid gets her and her girls the most comfortable life she can give them. The less you are seen and heard the less you get yelled at and the less debt you gain on your contract. She buries any vicious thought she has and would only react strongly to things that might threaten her girls lives. But she does overhear some things when cleaning, or notice things that some people are throwing out.

Ally Little Sister – Jeshnisail (Nisa)Pretty piece of fluff. Starting work as a ‘waitress’. She isn’t quite 17. Criollo might have fudge her age on the paperwork for her job, as she looks more mature than she is. If she looks cute and friendly then the boys are nice to her, even if she might mutter under her breath when her back is turned.

Ally Elros Delindsie – Human that noticed she was gifted when it came to machines, old mechanic. He is nice to people who are sad, and some people are just a little fluffier than others. Mostly he is a gruff person who likes to work with his hands. He appreciates other people who understand working with one’s own hands. He still has his apprentice, who will likely take over the company when he finally retires. But he isn’t planning on retiring any time soon, still plenty of things that need to be fixed.

Contact – Danikentlas (Dani)- Ferret girl, was a childhood friend, ended up as someone’s personal assistant. She is a very organized person who keeps very careful records. Things that are out of place bother her. She needs to relax sometimes, so when she can, she will trade food or other comforts that come with her job for a little something to smoke.

Contact – Pendemshial – (Penny) file clerk, childhood friend, side striped jackal girl. She is good with remembering numbers, and can recite a list of them she has only read once for a couple days afterwards. She has given one set of bands to a guy who was sold to someone else.

Contact – Olivsenja (Singe) – Wolf gang member who she hid once, wasn’t born here, but was brought here. His job is manual labour, carrying boxes and loading forklifts and the like, and on occasion something will fall off the back of a ship. He dislikes humans and is not against violence. He is smart enough to realize that he can’t outright attack them, but if they get lost after dark on the wrong side of the fenceā€¦ He is out for himself, but is friendly towards people who have helped him in the past.

Enemy – Orrin Greis – The old mechanics apprentice. Not a bad guy to have as a friend, so long as you are human. He took it as a personal insult that his boss would buy a dog to do his job, even if there was more than enough work for both of them. He is very by the books when it comes to machines and most of his free time is spent on reading up on the topic, but everyone needs a way to let off steam on occasion. A little bit of gambling is fine, so long as you set yourself a budget and don’t upset the wrong person.

Enemy – Captain Dwaine Erskine, Mechanic Leon Glavi, Thyra Thomson, Captain Erskine is a ship captain who enjoys some of the less legal things in life, and his mechanic Leon recently convinced him that an assistant would be helpful, and if she happened to be indentured then she could work as more than just a mechanic. When they went to pick up their new property and found out she had been sold to someone else they were quite displeased to say the least. They are likely to inconvenience the mechanic who sold her, the apprentice who took their money before delivering the goods(even if he did give a full refund), or the goods themselves, if given an opportunity.
Leon Glavi is a mechanic that knows what he is doing, but wouldn’t mind letting someone else endanger their fingers after he lost two of his. He is also decent at talking people into seeing things his way, especially if he can find a way to manipulate them.
Thyra Thomson is a merc, She is fond of big guns, big explosives, and cheap hard liquor. She is also likely to employ violence in turning down offers for ‘relationships’ from crew mates. She isn’t holding a grudge about the mechanic thing, other than it is going to make those guys she works with intolerable for a while. But her contract is for another eight months.
The mechanic tried to steal her, and she bit Thyra when she tried to escape. Captain Darion pulled a gun on them.

Enemy – Olario Criollo, her previous owner and the current owner of her mother and sister. A businessman who organizes anthromals so that they can get proper employment for their skill sets. He will buy any contract he can get on the cheap if he thinks he can make a profit from them. All under the guise of helping these poor people get jobs so they can pay off their debts. He will bend the rules for profit, and of course, to help these poor people to work.

Father – Tesialhar, started her on machines when she was itty bitty. Sold to someone else when she was quite young.

Artesielcha Stormchaser

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