Species: Ghost Child (wolf)
Sex/Age: Female, 28
Appearance: patchy grey fur, sunken chocolate brown eyes, creamy markings on torso/upper arms, luscious build
Background: Merchant’s Guild asset recovery specialist; indentured pleasure servant
Gear: none
Personality: Confusing, with an unpredictable demeanour
Motto: “Nothing stays lost forever.”


If her story is to be believed, Arakawanne used to occupy a high position within the Merchants Guild – her job was to track down lost or stolen shipments so they could be returned to the Guild. She was very good at her job – too good in fact, since she ended up finding a ship that a Guildmaster did not want found. As a reward for exposing his fraudulent scheme, he had Arakawanne fired from her job and put into indentured servitude. She ended up as a pleasure servant on Umberton: a toy for the miners to play with. She spent almost a decade there, on the receiving end of the miners’ sexual appetites, and the horrors she faced every day chipped away at her sanity until her mind cracked. She became so irrational and unpredictable that the mine owner saw her as more of a danger than an asset, so he sold her contract to a clearinghouse on Azure for a steep discount (1300G). Beneath the madness, she is still a very intelligent, talented anthromal woman, though it will be a challenge to reach that part of her beneath the psychological damage she has sustained.