Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

What has gone before... Priorities

1. Strip the ship
2. Repair the spacesuits
3. Deal with the bear

After Perdition makes a panic jump to get away from the Justicars and their missiles, the crew recovers Willie and Holly from the derelict (fortunately they were able to lock themselves in an interior compartment and were not harmed by the trip through 4D…probably). Then Perdition jumps again to an area of high interference in order to hide from the Justicars and finish salvaging the Willow Eleaine. The crew want to pull off everything not nailed down, then rip out everything that is nailed down and can be feasibly removed.

Darion confronts Tom and Portia about the Justicars calling them out to be turned over. He comes up with a plan to stage kicking them off the ship once they reach Velaska, and then secretly bringing them back on board. This should throw off the Justicars into thinking they are no longer aboard Perdition. Rakesh, Daphne, and Rex are still unconscious in the infirmary, being treated by Lavender. Arakawanne is asleep in a rescue bubble happily floating in the cargo hold.

When Perdition comes out of FTL, everything goes into emergency shutdown. Lights, life support, gravity – everything turns off. Artesielcha investigates and discovers that a huge power surge knocked out their electrical grid, triggering automatic shutdowns and melting the wiring at the back of the ship. Artesielcha and Holly determine that it was the FTL system’s fault. The ship’s previous owners did not buy a proper towing package, and instead converted the ship’s backup FTL shunt into a towing connection. So now not only does Perdition not have a backup FTL shunt, their harness FTL connection is melted, likely because the pylons they swapped out within their harness were different models that drew more power, or because they were operating their harness with more pylons than the previous owners, or both. Either way, the ship is dead in space until they can repair it, and they are not sure they can tow their prize through FTL again. Artesielcha gets to work getting the ship’s systems back online one by one.

Darion sends crew around to secure floating objects before turning the gravity back on. Fennel is floating in her room and can’t get down, meaning Darion has to get her down. All of Fennel’s stuff, including certain embarrassing personal items, are floating around because she isn’t used to stowing her stuff in case the gravity fails. There is much embarrassment for both parties.


house_of_the_silver_moon house_of_the_silver_moon

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