Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

The Daily Life of a Stuck Salvaging Ship

The impromptu party ends with a general upswing in crew morale.

Artesielsha instigates a meeting with Willy, Holly, and anyone else who was willing to help contribute about the fate of the FTL shunt. Corey manages to drop by but leaves quickly to go sleep finally. While Holly is just a tad inebriated and therefore non-contributive, Willy and Artesielsha discuss options. They decide on making a whole new FTL shunt, and after an interlude of Holly doing the Safety Dance, Artesielsha and Willy make to-do and to-acquire lists, including one for the deckhand researchers.

The bedtime proceedings begin shortly thereafter, with Artesielsha heading to find Lavender. Lavender is in the rec room watching the stars, while Arakawanne happens to be using Lavender’s lap as a pillow. The two awake girls have a nice little conversation, then steal Arakawanne off to Artesielsha’s room so they can all sleep in a nice cuddlepile.

Lukas pretty much goes straight to bed, and while in an alternate universe, his phone wakes him up, in this one it does not since he pulled the battery out while in 4D due to the captain’s orders and terror.

Since Darion is on bridge watch, he does not go to bed. Instead, he tries calling Daphne to the bridge, partially to test her hearing (which has mixed results), and partially to suggest that the group sleeping room be set back up, since he feels it would be inappropriate for him to do it for a number of reasons. She agrees to it, and goes back to bed, so he spends the rest of his watch drawing porn for DawningDragon (which seems to be a tgtf male-on-male underwater feral comic series). He is eventually relieved by Daphne armed with oatmeal, coffee, and a death metal t-shirt. Darion leaves some orders for people, which are mostly obvious (Artesielsha gets drive online and she can call on anyone not occupied with an essential task, the salvage crew is to resume their ferrying things back, the deckhands are to clean etc) and sleeps.

Over the course of the next few days, the spiderrat collection team is set up, traps are made for them (mostly by the deckhands) and baited with any organic garbage findable (with decayed food from the derelict being preferred), a servo is made to open/close the door and they start loading and unloading the traps

The salvagers keep busy with the task of filling the cargo when they’re not unloading traps.
art rolls for her fixing rolls (+ research team on the grabbing items to repair roll) – research found a users manual and haynes manual for the ship and now the mechanics are working with that and identifying what happened

Darion also occasionally inflicts the deckhands on the salvagers by dragging them over to the derelict and cart stuff back, more to get them used to the suits than anything but also so they can see what’s going on.

On the FTL side of things, the deckhands managed to pirate some manuals for the mechanics, which gave a start to proceedings. There were some setbacks, in the form of not being able to salvage the old FTL shunts from the other ship due to the fire completely destroying them, so the mechanics are now improvising a whole new shunt, using parts from every system they can haul from, especially the onboard particle accelerator. Plans for a rail gun are currently on hold due to FTL taking precedence.

The sleeppile has continued, with most of the original people (including Darion and Lukas but excluding Artesielsha and Arakawanne because they have their own sleep pile with Lavender). The next time sleeppile occurs, Lukas wraps around Zelysithea in his sleep and feels guilty because he’s worried about impeding her ability to breathe, but feels better when it’s clear he isn’t.

Darion also starts up an “exercise regime” to get people to let off steam / teach his crew how to defend themselves, which ends up with the captain sparring with Daphne, both refusing to let up and someone taking bets, that someone being Lukas.
Betting is as follows: Darion’s side has Rex betting a bottle of imported core world beer, Corey betting a swap for bridge watch, and Zelysithea betting a swap on kitchen duty. Daphne’s side has art betting one room repair, Fennel betting one special meal of choice, and Holly betting a couple of core world cigars.
Opening turn: Darion takes a swing and a miss while Daphne flashes him and succeeds at distracting both him and the entire male crowd (besides Lukas)
Second turn: Darion feints and then makes a grab for a certain something else which wasn’t flashed, and Daphne snarls at him, which he ignores.
Third turn: Darion manages another swing and a miss, while Daphne nearly clocks him one gooooood, but at the last second he gets an ineffective jab in.
Fourth turn: Darion knows kung fu fighting. which ends the fight.
Rex gets the cigars, Corey takes the meal, Zelysithea takes the repair, and the house takes no profit (first time was free), except rex gave lukas a small cigar so they have “an understanding” which Lukas was clueless to. As usual. Lavender then takes Daphne and a following Artesielsha off to the infirmary to make sure there’s no lasting damage, which is fairly likely since Daphne threatens Darion as she recovers.

Shortly thereafter, the locked briefcase finally finishes running the hack. Darion and Artesielcha go to see if Daphne is free to go yet, which she is. After much awkwardness, Darion sucks up his pride and apologizes, but Daphne decides they’ll talking about it Later. They go back to the briefcase, which contains… paper. Lots of it. An old starchart, a notebook in code, a stack of paperwork in navy code with some having the header “Project Darwin – Classified”, and some printouts of photos mostly of anthromal children in what could be a school setting, and a nice pen, just to round things off with some non-paper. Darion decides he’ll have a look at the navy code and tell his admiral friend what was found when they’re safe to transmit again.


Nice one! You get a one-time-use of the “Luck” skill (added to your already substantial collection:)).

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