Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

Part 5/3

Arrest to arriving at Kielahad

I make no promises about my spelling.

Lukas makes his phone call and gets legal advice to never say anything. Artesielcia tells them everything she can think of. Darion also cooperated, and everyone is moved to group quarters, where we meet Slim, Sureshot, and Suttungr, and then we are accosted by the local gang. The Valkyr leader punches Lukas, Darion does something martial artsy to him, and the guards pull everyone apart and drag the crew to a separate area.

After a few days of cuddle pile, yoga classes, meltdowns, and other activities, the crew is released. Well, except two: Daphne for outstanding warrants, and Tom for his original fugitive mess. We take the ship, which has been repaired, over to the local station/private prison and attempt to get Daphne and Tom released. After some minor digging into tragic backstories, we make some contacts with the local indies and decide we need a crew member from Plato for the bingo, and Darion contemplates blackmailing the prison with the illegal fights.

Fortunately, those plans aren’t needed, as we get both our crew released on bail. Except trying to get their effects back end up with half the crew locked in the prison on a riot lockdown, which quickly develops into a breakout of some weird disease/rabid something mess. The other half of the crew manages to return to the ship, and seal the ship off when the station’s temperature skyrockets.

In the prison, Darion and everyone else manage to rescue a handful of indies, prisoners, and two guards, and coordinates with the ship to discover the station is in the process of melting down, and we barely get everyone into a new medical module and into somewhat safety before we jump away as the entire station explodes.

The prison escapees are quarantined Just In Case the “disease” pops up again, but it doesn’t. Contact is made with the outside world, which reveals Rex and Holly have gotten new jobs but no word from Lavender and Arakawanne. We set a course for Kielahad Station, then Melusine, and then the command crew interview everyone.

We end up hiring two people, temporarily hiring three more, several of the others are getting off on Kielahad including the guard who we’re keeping from knowing that any indies/prisoners survived, and a couple are sticking around until Melusine. Since we’re a few days out still, we throw a “yay we all survived but legally most of you are dead” party.

During the party, Lukas arranges for some interviews before relieving bridge watch, Artesielcia bonds with two rescuees, and Darion tries to bond with our friends from the prison navy ship, but it sends him into meltdown instead. He then bonds with one of our temp hires before everyone turns in for the night.

Lukas manages to get his interviews, Darion finally has an actual talk with Daphne (and Fennel), and Artesielcia uses her new horde of extremely temporary hires to get some maintenance done, and we finally arrive at Kielahad, where we discover that not only are we expected, we have an entourage waiting for us, consisting of security, medical, the press, and civilians.


house_of_the_silver_moon Kaerran

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