Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

Part 4/3

All the best trilogies don't have 3 parts. Pirates to arrest

Our torpedo launch apparently succeeds, although we can’t really tell due to being chased by missiles. Only one hits, but that one is an EMP and takes our systems out. Everyone pitches in to try to get the ship working again and succeed enough that when the pirates send a Cro-T to take us out, we do our FTL shock therapy and counterboard them before they can react. Somehow we succeed at counterboarding, and loot a lot of interesting things including a very illegal gun. We immediately call Darion’s friends in the navy because like hell are we getting dinged for this.

The Orion shows up, headed by Lieutenant Achernar, and also has a crew member who identifies the Very Illegal Gun when we hand it over. We then discover we also looted a former friend of Rex’s who was trapped in a pirate’s life. Unfortunately, we can’t do much for her, but we do get paid, and discover that the pirates are led by a Mr. Schmuckel. This is guaranteed to never come up again. Everyone is then kicked off the ship on mandatory leave.

Darion and Arakawanne have A Talk that resolves nothing, while Artesielcia and Lukas head off to bars and go dancing. This results in Lukas thesising at another university student named Dexwyn while Tom and Portia watching and Artesielcia arranging for a diving date and both sets getting numbers.

The next day dawns, the anniversary of the Halifax thing. It starts with Darion spilling his guts to Arakawanne and then fielding a million emails and phone calls and the love dodacahedron before he has a breakdown. This was probably not unexpected.

Meanwhile, Lukas amuses the rest of the crew with his trials and tribulations with last night’s meeting with Dex, ranging from confusion to babbling at exploitation before ending on him deciding he’s a terrible person and ignoring Portia’s attempts to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, Artesielcia is not there, and is instead on a diving date. She and Vic find an abandoned building with school sized furniture and a strange logo on the walls before they go get lunch together. And Lukas goes on a date with Dex.

Darion goes shopping for knicknack gifts and chats with Daphne until he has another flashback and Zelysithea has to save him. Lukas’ date involves a bar, thesis discussions, a newsflash about Debonnaires vs Justicars, and eventually the two of them succeeding at the bar’s drinking challenge before they head to Dex’s hotel room. Artesielcia goes from her bar back to the ship, where she and Vic work on the engine and he stays the night. And Darion celebrates the Halifax by having a tiny drinking party, except everyone except Fennel leaves, and that’s how Darion spends the night.

Then the entire crew is arrested, including Lukas at Dex’s hotel and Vic who isn’t in the crew, but not including Rex, Holly, Lavender, and Arakawanne, all of whom were somewhere else. The charges are treason, and everyone is carted out to space onto a special new secret ship.

End of Act 1


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