Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

Part 3/3

After getting off Velaska to, oh, now

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Notes: Line breaks indicate approximately where sessions ended, and I’ve annotated some things with asterisks, those have little mostly out of character notes for reference at the end of that session. Unfortunately, my notes are lacking in some places and I’ve lost others, so this doesn’t have everything, and I encourage people to fill in blanks and anything I’ve missed. I’ve also done a lot of skimming to facilitate a general overview, so there’s not that many amusing anecdotes since trying to cover too much space. Except where I forgot, or they were the only notes I had.

Once out in space and on the way to Melusine, Lukas gets a letter, expressing that he’s done well (besides needing to be more concrete) and he’s now much much richer than Darion. Lukas then arranges to actually pay instead of deckhand, but he sees no reason not to do work for, he just doesn’t want to clean anymore. Monawashetei is also very attached to Artesielcia, and asks if she can stay on the ship. Darion promises to ask for her, and pisses off Sakidanaraya a tad. In a “oh my god really” way.

On Melusine, most of the crew is introduced to the lovely way everyone lives on Melusine ie in a city flooded with breathable liquid. Many of them are uncomfortable. The salvage crew goes to pick up equipment for the job we’re going to do, and the rest go to a bar so Darion can meet with Sakidanaraya’s contact. He and Daphne chat with Skip while the rest of the crew go to the bar to have a drink, which Lukas is buying. Also, the news comes on and Lukas discovers the mine plan was successful, resulting in him tossing his drink in celebration, and cleaning it up.

Skip agrees to bring his crew by to meet Monawashetei to make her more comfortable, then he and Darion discuss customs, since Skip has been with his mate for four years and has the rings to prove it.

*This doesn’t have a precursor, but. Date stuff: as of this day, it was December 9th, which means the Halifax incident was on the 12th of December, Darion’s birthday is in early January and he’ll be turning 27, and he bought the ship Oct. 15th

Not much happens before party time arrives. Skip shows up with his mate, Rheliandryn, as well as his two temporary crew members, Jamie (who is pretty standoffish, and also one of Sakidanaraya’s full-time workers), and Sawamurrecca Firesteel, a community leader from Xiao-Xing. She and Lukas discuss the different versions of cousins, then she gets distracted by Monawashetei, then kidnaps her to go talk privately.

We discuss everyone’s jobs: Rheliandryn is an artist, Skip is an astronomer, and Jamie is bodyguarding, and also doesn’t want to talk to Lukas. Then Monawashetei returns and we give her her rings. Lavender and Daphne have to leave, and Fennel goes with. Darion then tries to show Rheliandryn his art and prompts a fullblown meltdown. Artesielcia has to send Lukas to drag Darion to hide.

After the party, we prepare for our salvage more and Lukas plans a paper chain class to decorate the christmas jade plant.

We set off to find the Evgeniya Grusha, and Portia finds a loophole to excuse our salvaging through the power of slipping through legalities. We then get a call from the former first officer, who wants us to retrieve personal effects and the remains of his crew members, and in return informs us that they’re pretty sure they were shot down. Darion’s research shows there’s no known people or things around that it could’ve been.

We land and the salvagers set off, only to get halted by a shadow in the water. It turns out to be a ship made by a defunct company that was best known for being both amphibious and spaceworthy, although not very good at either. There aren’t any known ones flying, so this is probably a pirate; which matches another crime recently on Tasnin. Artesielcia manages to get close enough to confirm that yes they’re salvaging the Grusha, and the Grusha was definitely shot down even thought the authorities are trying to sweep under the table. Lukas tries to phone them and basically gets ignored.

In the end, we decide to disable the ship through jostling, build a basic torpedo, and take off to enact our plan.


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