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Part 2/3

Velaska shenanigans

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Notes: Line breaks indicate approximately where sessions ended, and I’ve annotated some things with asterisks, those have little mostly out of character notes for reference at the end of that session. Unfortunately, my notes are lacking in some places and I’ve lost others, so this doesn’t have everything, and I encourage people to fill in blanks and anything I’ve missed. I’ve also done a lot of skimming to facilitate a general overview, so there’s not that many amusing anecdotes since trying to cover too much space. Except where I forgot, or they were the only notes I had.

Lukas receives an email, containing a receipt for on planet docking privileges, which means we finally land. After one last crew meeting, the crew splits up: Lukas, Lavender and Zelysithea are headed to his company’s assignment of dealing with an almost strike, while Darion, Daphne, Artesielcia and Arakawanne are off to meet Delindsie.

At Delindsie’s, the group meets Orrin Grace, who is generally antagonistic, until Delindsie shows up to chat. He’s looking to buy about a third of the parts that we describe, and has an idea of who to sell the rest to.

Lukas, meanwhile, shows up at an office tower, meets the local director, and has the problem described to him, before he gets led to an armored car and introduced to his bodyguard squad: Kigure, Myrtle, and Puck. They move off, and Lukas’ introduction to the slums is a molotov cocktail that glances off harmlessly. He manages to dissuade running the kid over by pointing out they’d have to pay for them, rather than his gut instinct of horrified face forever at the concept. They stop at a rundown shack and Lukas heads in for his first negotiation.

Elsewhere, Delindise wants to come see the ship and the parts tomorrow, and suggests we should sell the other parts through him. Darion’s okay with this idea, and they finish up at the shop, then go to meet Artesielcia’s friends, who have brought along a rickshaw to ferry everyone to an underground party.

Back at Lukas, he discovers the worker in question is tripping balls. Lukas’ only real option is to steal his crack pipe, leave a very stern note, and live with the worker being flagged for a doctor’s inspection.

The rickshaw crew have a significant amount of shenanigans that the present note taker apparently lost the notes for. Oops.

Lukas moves onto the next shack, and discovers the only one home is a small child, whose mother appears to have just died, probably of sepsis. Lukas then rushes around madly trying to find someone to care for this child before he’s dragged off, and barely manages to find an old blind woman who appreciates his concern. He then rushes onto the next house, where a sizeable group of workers is congregating. He still stupidly goes to talk to them, and surprisingly, they allow him in, although with a fair amount of mockery. He asks for their concerns, listens, and weighs what he knows of history due to his unique research experience, and offers to do what he can to help with those problems. They’re slightly surprised, and agree to come to work that day. He also learns a few names.

At the illegal underground rave, more shenanigans occur that my notes are woefully inadequate in reporting. Someone thinks Darion is their contact, and tries to pass him a package, he declines because he knows he’s not the right person and is worried about misleading it, although he does think it has to do with Sakidanaraya. Then he and Daphne make it to the dance floor and really tear it up right before Artesielcia, who has gone upstairs, spies a raid about to pounce.

Back at Lukas, they make one last stop. Lukas, Lavender, Zelysithea, and an anthromal from the previous house, Brodetesksall, all approach, as before, but this time when Lavender knocks, the door explodes. She gets a bit bloody, but Zelysithea and Brodetesksall seem okay. Everyone retreats to the truck as the unknown assailant starts shooting, where the bodyguard squad is suiting up, and someone gives Lukas a riot shield. Lukas promptly nearly drops it like three times*. After finally juggling the shield into the right place, he shields Lavender as she drags Kigure to safety. Then Myrtle heads to confront the shooter, but Lukas chickens out. Lavender manages to rally Lukas, so he valiantly dives in again, just in time to find Myrtle injured. Whoops. Unfortunately, that makes him the next target, and he actually gets wounded before Lavender manages to down the assailant. Lukas grabs several guns and helps Lavender carry Myrtle out. Kigure woke up while they were in there, and when he asks what happened in there, Lukas manages to say “I found some guns,” and then faints. Good job Lukas.

Back at the rave, everyone does their best to escape. Darion and most of the other crew who decided to attend along with two of Artiesielcia’s friends manage to get out through a manhole, while Artesielcia rescues her friend and four others via a roof escape, straight into the slums, where she ends up spending the night. Artesielcia’s friends split off, and the remaining four crew head to Denny’s.

*not that anyone cares, but I recorded it as rolling six 2s, two 1s, and using three lucks and my personality not to drop the stupid thing. That’s almost a miracle in how much the game didn’t want him in this fight.

Darion buys Tom and Portia some wine then goes to er “dance” with Daphne.

Artesielcia makes her way home, after hearing a tip about a job on Melusine about a crashed transport ship that the salvaging company is trying to weasel more pay for recovering.

Technically the previous day, Lukas wakes up in a hospital before being released into Lavender’s care. The director stops by to be impressed at Lukas’ performance, minus the didn’t-recruit-that-many-workers part, and Lukas texts Darion, but got no response due to being on his way to an illegal underground rave. Mm diverging timelines. He also arranges a pilot project for the anthromals based on his promises to the minor rebellion in the slums, then gets driven home by Puck, who is the only one of his squad not in the hospital. Turns out he’s made some friends, and acquired his very own riot shield.

Delindsie shows up and buys part of the salvage, Lukas does paperwork, and then everyone heads off into the slums to go to dinner at Artesielcia’s house. We rent a van that Lukas ends up driving, and once there, Darion manages to impress Artesielcia’s mom through semi-properly greeting her, the two humans manage to choke down raw bird innards and react strangely to a mildly toxic and/or tipsifying fruit, there’s some cultural exchange, and Lukas embarrasses himself for the first time in a while.

The next morning, Darion gets an emergency phone call from Sakidanaraya to save an indentured girl that was partially through a rescue plan before it was compromised. She’s being shipped to prison oh… today. Everyone goes into overdrive.

The new plan involves popping the tires of the transport vehicle with an IED from Artesielcia’s contact Singe, so it’ll stop at a rest stop where she and Lavender will “work” for the day, getaway will be provided by Lukas and his company by him swinging a lift to go see a “model” mine. Darion goes with Lukas and sets off the IED at the perfect time.

On Artesielcia’s side of things, she manages to bluff her way into the work, which apparently lost the supervisor 100g in a bet, then befriends the other anthromal mechanics, then promises to free them to. Two identical vehicles then arrive with similar bomb damage. Artesielcia manages to bluff more to get at the first aid kit, in order to remove tracker chips.

Over at the mine Lukas and Darion are touring, the mine supervisor has a Problem but still gives Lukas the tour, it was originally underground but is now a pit mine because they get more output that way so anthromal safety is more convenience than a goal. Also, there was a mine collapse trapping some workers. Whoops.

Artesielcia manages to cut her way into the correct vehicle and finds an utterly terrified Monawashetei, who needs a lot of coaxing to run away. Artesielcia manages eventually, then smuggles her to hide in the garbage. She also creates an incendiary bomb for the other workers.

Lukas gives a speech and then convinces the mine supervisor to let the anthromals go save their friends, then they head out to go get the rest of the crew. Everyone gets retrieved, with Lukas presenting a forged requisition form for Artiesielcia and Lavender, which the supervisor can’t check since his server is suddenly churning its way through about three thousand updates. As we drive off, Darion* arranges a power surge which probably offlines the serve permanently, and we take off.

*or it’s possible the other anthromal workers do it, I don’t have notes on whose fault it actually is but it definitely happened so whatever, it’s Darion’s fault now


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