Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

Part 1/3

Hiding in space to Velaska

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Notes: Line breaks indicate approximately where sessions ended, and I’ve annotated some things with asterisks, those have little mostly out of character notes for reference at the end of that session. Unfortunately, my notes are lacking in some places and I’ve lost others, so this doesn’t have everything, and I encourage people to fill in blanks and anything I’ve missed. I’ve also done a lot of skimming to facilitate a general overview, so there’s not that many amusing anecdotes since trying to cover too much space. Except where I forgot, or they were the only notes I had. Also also: I thought I had everyone’s names spelled right and then found out I had Artesielcia spelled wrong every time so if you see something wrong please tell me and I’ll fix in notes and here

After testing the pen and briefcase for fingerprints and DNA, Darion calls an executive meeting for the high ranked crew minus Rex to inform them about the Justicars being the missiles-firer, and their object: Tom and Portia. Of course, they also dislike Darion anyway so they were perfectly happy to take it out on them, which is why they’re currently hiding here in the middle of nowhere. Artesielcia points out the problems with travelling to Velaska, and plans are made to make it appear the fugitives are off the ship but keep them on, which is still easiest at Velaska. Darion eventually discovers that the Navy has the real jurisdiction over the spaceport, but the Justicars are contractors under them.

A second meeting is called, this time with Tom and Portia in attendance. They are informed of the plan and Darion requests a copy of their wanted poster. Unfortunately they’ve never had it: Lukas does. Tom gives the first iteration of the “dye an anthromal’s fur a different colour, those stupid humans will never know the difference” plan. Also plans are made for a girl anthromal party to see Singe, when we get to it.

On the salvaging front, a tunnel now connects the two ships, nearly everything portable has been moved to the cargo hold, and a library has been begun in a spare room*. The salvagers have also started stripping the valuable bits off, which happens to be what Rakesh is best at, and plans are made to steal the last working lifeboat when we decide to move again. Rex asks for a call of how much more to strip and Darion decides that we’ve stalled long enough, let’s strip the bridge and mosey again.

A minor discussion occurs between the indentureds about what they’ll do when free, which prompts Darion to ask Zelysithea about their debts.

When Darion finally declares it safe to internet, shortly before leaving, a spiderrat permit is acquired, Artesielcia bounces emails with Singe on the topic of offloading the wreck and how difficult it is, and we discover the difficulties in feeding the bear only on spiderrats. Lukas also gets an email on the topic of funding.

Lessons occur for the Velaska Noobs. Lesson One: Lukas, you have 3 crewmembers attending at all times. Lesson Two: All anthromals need paperwork stating they work on this ship. Actually all humans should too. (Alternatively, collars with tags “if found, please return to Perdition”). Lesson 3: Anyone human proooobably doesn’t want to be on the other side of the fence in general but definitely at night, during the day only with someone fluffy. Lesson 4: Here’s a few good places for shore leave, do not sign anything, other basic rules.

Checklists are checked and completed, and Perdition makes the jump!

*Apparently we need a fake fireplace and shelves still. Maybe not the shelves anymore.

Perdition comes out of FTL and immediately goes dark again, but this time the emergency lighting comes on shortly thereafter. The harness shunt seems to be dumping all the power, and after repairing, Artesielcia and Willy start tracking the problems down. *

It seems two things are occurring: the juryrigged shunt incorporates power sinks from the particle accelerator and therefore has larger than expected amperage and sucks up the ship’s power, and the other juryrigged equipment doesn’t have the right shielding, so it builds up a large amount of static electricity across the hull, which shorts out everything. The effect is magnified by the size of the tow, smaller would create less of a problem. We contemplate using this as a counter-boarding weapon. **

As it turns out, we end up on an intercept course for a navy ship, but manage to avoid it, and discover that we really can’t afford to moor/hookup, so we hang out with the tramp ships for a while, waiting on Artesielcia’s contact to call back. *

*We only vaguely in character also contemplate how to turn ourselves into an urban legend: turning ourselves into an electric vampire, figure out how to send signals in 4d, also figure out how to mask our look with weird signals or paint pitch black with odd colours / gas cloud / static lightning.

**My notes on this indicate “charge up ftl then shunt instead of shifting dimensions, shunt into nodes along the outside of the ship to do a single lightning charge across entire hull” which I believe we’d semi-implemented by two sessions from this one

Note for wiki – sensors while in 4d sometimes pick up garbled signals, communications get weird static or insanely confused signals in the wrong dimension, so there are lots of urban legends of ghosts

While out with the tramp ships, some minor shenanigans occur. Arakawanne hangs out in the dryer for a bit, requiring Lukas to vacuum it out, Darion steals her away to go find someone to sell this hulk to, Lukas finds out he has a minor enemy out in the ring again, who owes his bookie boss money, and Artesielcia gets some responses to emails to old friends, one of whom mentions a company dumping ships on Mizuki.

There are three major salvaging rings: Thermistos Sloan, Lunar Response Limited, and McCoy Interstellar.

Other not so legal contacts clear up some of the issues: the big companies pay EB Games prices, and break anyone who tries to go around them, so the main way to stay out is to either find people who aren’t under contract, or find people willing to go around their contracts.

Lukas gets press-ganged into the family company after a very sass-filled argument, and told that he can’t escape the family since they’ve put a tracking device on his phone and a 500,000 guilders bounty on his head if he tries to get away. Lukas is very unhappy about this.

After a couple of days, a Captain Antares of the Mystic Ranger shows up, claiming our wreck is his contract and he’s going to take it now. The Perdition promptly enters naval jurisdiction, and after some minor garbling of prices*, they tried to cut through our harness. We retaliate by using our new lightning generator and shut down their ship. We contact the navy, finally, and they send a Justicar ship to pick up our captains for arbitration. Unfortunately, this means we’re getting boarded and have to get Tom and Portia hidden ASAP. We manage to get them into a machine, complete with scent-hiding machine oil and water in case we’re kept here for a while, and a Lukas to keep an eye on them.

*IE us players heard the wreck to be worth 50,000, and later learned it was overinflated by a factor of 10, so I’m assuming that we weren’t completely insane when totally in character, but if we were we were demanding 45,000 instead of 4500

The boarding party arrives, questions Lukas, and don’t notice our lovely fugitives, and then he gets an offtopic phone call from his new employer about looking into things to make him work on on Velaska, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll cover our docking fees.

Elsewhere, the captain of the Justicars ship returns to the negotiations and boots everyone out to sort out the mess ourselves.* Back on the ships, negotiations begin. We offer 20% of the hulk’s value and we’ll help get their ship back up and Lavender’s help if they need it. Antares asks to move to a private channel, and once there, admits he’s basically bankrupt, so Darion accepts 775 guilders instead. We then go to help fix their ship, and we all bond. His full name is Ricardo Antares, and he and Darion and Daphne all share a drink, and Antares mentions the only person he can think of spiteful enough to kill over a lame wreck: Elias Alford of the Maximum Yankee. Elsewhere, Tamura, the Mystic Ranger’s mechanic, and Artesielcia swap more and more ridiculous stories as they patch up the ship. We also meet Will Keller, the security chief, and after everything’s fixed up again, we swap contact info and head off our separate ways.

*Also at some point we bluffed them into believing Tom and Portia were off, but I don’t have the notes as to exactly where/when.


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