Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition

What has gone before ... Near Miss

Perdition flies away from Azure, off to investigate a lead that could give them their first salvage job. Arakawanne believes that she has located the wreck of the passenger liner Willow Eleaine, which suffered a fire onboard and was wrecked, but while a different salvage outfit was towing the wreck back to port she broke free and they lost her, and nobody has been able to relocate her. However, Arakawanne has scanned all the available information and calculated her likely drift speed and trajectory, and thinks she knows where to find the lost liner.

While Perdition is cruising, Darion institutes mandatory zero-g training / hazing. He gathers the crew to the cargo hold and turns off the gravity, and lets them play. This is fun for Daphne and Rex and the others who are accustomed to zero-g, but is particularly difficult for greenhorns like Lukas and Portia and Tom. Lukas bashes his head on the wall and has to go to medical for Lavender to treat him. However, Portia realizes the possibilities of zero-g, and suggests quiddich…

A while later, Corey alerts Darion that one of the airlocks is cycling, and that someone has overridden the bridge controls. It’s Lavender – she is standing naked inside the starboard airlock, prepared to open the outer door. Now others can see what she has been hiding – her hide is slashed with deep scars. She says she tried to cope but couldn’t, and this is the only way she can find peace. Darion tries to talk her down, but ends up triggering flashbacks from the Halifax Incident and he ends up wibbling on the floor. Artesielcha reaches out to Lavender – they have both suffered trauma. Artesielcha coaxes Lavender back inside, and carries her back to her quarters for as many hugs as she wants. Lavender opens up to Artesielcha about how she was raped and tortured by humanist soldiers in the military. Daphne takes Darion back to his quarters, and helps him through his breakdown too.

After things settle down a little, Darion continues with crew training, including piloting lessons, spacesuit familiarization, zero-g practice, etc. He takes blackmail pictures of crew embarrassing themselves in zero-g. He also starts ghost child language lessons with Artesielcha, Daphne, etc. Artesielcha continues to nurse Lavender through her emotional breakdown, while continuing with ship repairs. She replaces the gasket in the leaky airlock, solving that particular air loss problem. She also works with the salvors to get the salvage gear prepped and ready. Corey lets Lukas push THE BUTTON that sends them into 4D travel.

To help with the whole Fennel sleeping in so no breakfast problem, Darion has Artesielcha rig up an alarm clock in Fennel’s room that can only be turned off by a switch in the galley kitchen (with a note on the back of Fennel’s door telling her this). The first time the alarm goes off, Fennel stumbles into the galley half-asleep and throws a pillow at Darion.

Portia, Tom, Willie, and Lukas play quiddich in the cargo hold, using brooms and balls. Rex comes in to see what the hell they’re doing and gets a snitch in the eye. He tears a strip off of them for being dangerous, then yells at Darion for allowing this horsing around. Darion chastises the deckhands for bouncing balls around in zero-g.

Darion talks to Artesielcha, Lavender, and Arakawanne, trying to help his crew work through their emotional issues. He suggests group therapy but Lavender says she isn’t ready to talk and can’t handle other people’s problems, and she doesn’t feel like she can talk to Darion. Only Artesielcha seems able to get through to her.

Darion institutes flying lessons, gets Lukas to play “video games” to train for bridge watch. He tries to convince Fennel to learn piloting, but she’s more interested in watching Corey work out.

Perdition drops out of 4D in empty space, with no ships (or derelicts) on sensors. But, the derelict has no power, no heat, no transponder, and is small enough to not show up on all but very close range sensor scans. Darion spends an hour doing math, checking their position and where the wreck has drifted off to in the two weeks they’ve been in transit. Darion reconfigures a laser communications device to scan for a ship (like optical radar – reading the bounceback of the laser); he also watches for disruptions in stellar wind, and orders several crew up to the lounge to look around with the ship’s spotlights while Zelysithea sits in the crane bubble looking below them with more spotlights. Artesielcha and Lukas watch the sensor screens while Arakawanne checks and revises her initial plotting. They take four passes of the area, and after Arakawanne’s corrections, they find the wreck … after nearly crashing right into it. Luckily someone in the lounge sees it in the spotlights in time for Corey to throw on the brakes.

Arakawanne gets THE HUG from Darion.

Corey parks the ship above the wreck. Rex sends Holly to check the remains of the FTL harness still strapped to the derelict’s hull, while he, Darion, Daphne, and Artesielcha will lead a team inside the wreck to explore.


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