Silver & Ice - The Stars of Perdition


Who needs it?

We got the ship tucked away and turned the gravity back on. Including a bit with the Captain helping Fennel get a little better handle at zero g. He is a little flustered, but tries not to acknowledge it. Apparently she has an incriminating photo of Daphne that involved New years and being drunk, but she isn’t sharing. Out of the things that need fixing, the Captain has decided that the cage is the most important thing. Willie helps, and Tom gets stolen once the ship is tucked away.
Rex wants to do things, but he was unconscious long enough that his serious pain meds to wear off. He sends Lukas off to get his bag with his meds.
Arakawanne has managed to disappear once again.
Artesielcha happens to find Lavender sleeping in the spare room, she is woken without anyone getting injured.
The cage is finished and ready for our ‘prisoner’.
Daphne and the Captain have a talk because she walked in on him hugging Arakawanne.
Lukas tells Lavender which pain pills Rex took, and the Captain talked him into grudgingly taking a blood test.
Lavender, Daphne, Tom, and the Captain move the bear to his new home.
Breakfast ends up being pancakes, bacon, and sausage.
Willie and Artesielcha get started on going over what is there for the ftl and the deck hands start with bleaching the corridor between the med bay and the cage.
Despite our trying to remain hidden, the Captain sets up a way for us to send batch queries to get some info on spider rats. Some times they are used as anti-boarding weapons, for pharmaceutical, and recreational drugs.
The Salvage team is carting over stuff, working around the spider rats. Daphne and the Captain put in some time opening boxes on tarps and with masks and gloves. He does spend some time trying to crack the biometric lock. He eventually asks Dawningdragon for ideas, she suggests a virus and gives him something to tweak.
The locked cabin was the pursers office, so we have a duffel of money cards, three pistols and three clips of ammo. 350G in cash.
The indentured people get first dibs on the clothing and we all get a couple outfits.
We have celebratory booze with dinner because we are finally getting some worth off this ship.
Rex’s blood test comes back completely clean, not even any residue from the venom. Lavender still believes Lukas.


Great! Thanks for doing this, Karthara. You get a one-time-only use of the “Luck” gift.

house_of_the_silver_moon Karthara

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